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Quotes from Saint Francis de Sales

Quotes from Saint Francis de Sales

Saint Francis de Sales, patron of writers and journalists, left us many important works and writings. “A sad saint is a sorry saint,” he said Saint Francis de Sales was not a sad saint. Discover his luminous spirituality through 15 quotes, taken from his books - Introduction to the Devout Life, The Treatise on the Love of God - or from his correspondence, especially with Saint Jeanne de Chantal.

Quotes on Love and Charity

  • “You have to do everything out of love, nothing out of force.”
  • “The world is born of love, it is supported by love, it goes towards love, and it enters into love.”
  • “Man is the perfection of the universe, the spirit is the perfection of man, love is the perfection of the spirit, and charity is the perfection of love.”
  • Great works are not always on our way, but we can at any time make small works excellently, that is to say with great love.
  • “If charity is milk, devotion is the cream.”


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Quotes on the Virtues to Cultivate for a Christian

  • “Be patient with everyone, but especially with yourself.”
  • Chastity is the lily of virtues, and from this life it makes us almost like angels. Nothing is beautiful except by the purity and purity of men, that is chastity.”
  • “There are not often opportunities to practice strength, magnanimity, magnificence; but meekness, temperance, honesty and humility are certain virtues, from which all the actions of our life must be colored.”


Quotes to live better every day

  • “You have to heal the body so that the soul will like it.”
  • “Noise does little good, good makes little noise.”
  • “We say a lot in silence, when we know to be silent out of modesty, tranquility, equality and patience.”
  • “Flower where you are planted” 
  • “We are all called to holiness… all without exception.”

Quotes about God

  • “O my soul, you are capable of God, woe to you if you are content with less than God!”
  • "It is not by the greatness of our actions that we please God, but by the love with which we do them."

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