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Marthe Robin, Sainthood

Marthe Robin, Sainthood

The Venerable Marthe Robin

On November 7, 2014, Pope Francis declared Marthe Robin venerable. By this, the Church recognizes the "heroic virtues" practiced by Marthe Robin during her life. This is a decisive step in the cause of beatification. Through this proclamation, the Church gives Christians the example of Martha as a model for having practiced the theological virtues (faith, hope and charity) and cardinal virtues (justice, prudence, strength and temperance). Moreover, the life of Marthe Robin is now recognized as exemplary for having served others with love and having endured trials with the strength of Christ.

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The Beatification Process

The Opening of the Cause of Beatification

Five years after the death of Marthe Robin on February 6, 1981, the Homes of Charity (a great work founded by Marthe) asked the bishop to open a beatification procedure. The investigation began in 1986, first taking into account Marthe's reputation for holiness. Then, a file (17,000 pages) was formed from the testimonies, writings, documents, biographies, which were collected and studied by experts. The file is submitted to the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints in Rome, from then on Marthe Robin is called the Servant of God.

Once validated in Rome (in 1998), the beatification file is summarized in 2000 pages which form the so-called Positio. This document presenting the results of the diocesan survey was completed in 2010. From there, the Pope was able to recognize the venerable Marthe Robin.

Recognition of a First Miracle

To advance towards beatification, it is necessary to recognize a miracle. Father Bernard Peyrous, postulator of the cause of beatification, made a filing in Rome presenting a healing obtained through the intercession of Marthe Robin. The chosen miracle concerns a French woman who was suddenly and completely cured of a visual degenerative disease. She prayed and asked others to pray for the intercession of Marthe Robin, and in a few moments she instantly regained a perfect vision. This miracle is being examined by the Roman Congregation for the Causes of Saints. If it is recognized as valid, the Pope can declare her "blessed". Since 2018, Sophie Guex, a member of the Homes of Charity, has been appointed postulator of the Cause of Beatification of Marthe Robin.

The beatification will then take place in the diocese of Valencia, where Marthe Robin lived. Preparatory work is carried out there, in particular by the Foyer de Charité, to be ready when this event takes place. This will be a very important moment for the thousands of people who met Marthe Robin and for all those who clung to her and started praying to her after her death.

Towards Canonization

After the beatification, the first step towards canonization is the approval of a second miracle. It is necessary that this second miraculous event occurred at a later date than the beatification. The Congregation for the Causes of the Saints examines this second miracle by following the same steps as for the first. When the miracle is recognized, the pope approves the decree of canonization and convenes the public Ordinary Consistory, which informs all the cardinals of the Church and determines the date of canonization.

Finally, the canonization ceremony can take place.