St. Rita Triduum

The devotion to St. Rita of Cascia is quite strong. Christians notably pray to her in the form of a Triduum. A Triduum is a religious observance lasting three days: a highly symbolic number, as it can represent the three days before the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Trinity.

Here is a popular Triduum to St. Rita.

How to Pray the Triduum to St. Rita?

Day 1:

 “O Powerful St. Rita, Advocate of Urgent Cases, listen kindly to the petitions of my anguished heart. I implore you to obtain for me the grace I need.”

One ‘Our Father’, one ‘Hail Mary’, one ‘Glory Be’.

Day 2:

“O Glorious St. Rita, Advocate of Desperate Cases, I have recourse to you, full of confidence in your powerful protection. Bless my hopes to obtain the graces I need through your intercession”

One ‘Our Father’, one ‘Hail Mary’, one ‘Glory Be’.

Day 3:

“O St. Rita, Powerful Protector; help me at the eleventh hour. Filled with faith and love, I turn to you as a last resort. Intercede on my behalf to the Lord, that I may bless your grace for all eternity.”

One ‘Our Father’, one ‘Hail Mary’, one ‘Glory Be’.

Other Prayers to St. Rita

Any other prayer to St. Rita repeated for three successive days is a Triduum. You can complete your request with more specific prayers: 

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