Prayer to Saint Rita for Impossible Cases

Saint Rita of Cascia is a saint of the Catholic Church, patroness of impossible cases and desperate causes. Saint Rita is also associated with couples for healing and rekindling love. However, she is mostly acknowledged and prayed to for her interventions in difficult times.

Marguerite Manchini, better known as Saint Rita, has been an example of kindness, patience and hope at all times throughout her life. Owing to those qualities and to her faith in Christ and love, she managed to overcome situations that seemed hopeless. Besotted with Jesus, married against her will, she found herself in the midst of conflicts and filial vengeance, yet she always hoped and forgave. In reward, God made her one of the major Saints of the Catholic church, and Jesus shared his stigma with her. Below are two prayers we can say to her in order to ask for her powerful intercession when we are in despair.

Prayer for Difficult Times

“Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, so humble, pure and patient, whose pleadings with thy Divine Spouse are irresistible, obtain for me from thy Crucified Christ my request (mention it here). Be kind to me, for the greater glory of God, and I promise to honor you and to sing your praises forever.
Oh glorious St. Rita, who did miraculously participate in the sorrowful Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, obtain for me the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of this life, and protect me in all my needs. Amen.”

Prayer to St. Rita, Patroness of Desperate Causes

“O powerful St. Rita, rightly called Saint of the Impossible, I come to you with confidence in my great need. You know well my trials, for you yourself were many times burdened in this life. Come to my help, speak for me, pray with me, intercede on my behalf before the Father. I know that God has a most generous heart and that he is a most loving Father. Join your prayers to mine and obtain for me the grace I desire (here mention your request). You who were so very pleasing to God on earth and are so much so now in heaven, I promise to use this favor, when granted, to better my life, to proclaim God's mercy, and to make you more widely known and loved. Amen.”

What is an Impossible Case?

What a question! The answer is up to each of us: it might be a great suffering, a situation that seems hopeless... Nevertheless, it is important to be able to step back and to put things in perspective when addressing some situations. Prayer can help us do so. Entrust your life to God’s hands and hold onto hope!

These prayers are just examples of what we can ask Saint Rita. A prayer, to be beautiful, needs only two things: to come from the heart and to be recited with fervor. Let us not forget to address our gratitude to God for answering our prayers, and to thank Saint Rita for her intercession.

In Times of Despair, Pray with Hozana!

No matter the trials we are going through, let us not forget that the Lord is loving and merciful and that Jesus has come to save us all.

To entrust yourself to him through prayer and find peace for your soul:

  • Pray a novena to St. Rita. Come and pray, with confidence, to this great saint in order to entrust her with your trials and to regain courage.
  • Immerse yourself in divine mercy, and through this novena, say “Jesus, I trust you.”
  • Join Hozana’s communities of prayer to persevere in prayer and strengthen your relationship with God, along with thousands of faithful!

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