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The Holy Parish Priest of Ars: Prayers and Quotes

The Holy Parish Priest of Ars: Prayers and Quotes

Prayers to the Holy Parish Priest of Ars

Saint Jean-Marie Vianney was known during his lifetime for his effective prayers, through which he obtained many miracles, healings, and graces. He said himself: “I got everything I wanted from God, for myself as well as for others.”

Today many Christians, lay people and priests alike, appeal to his powerful intercession. He is prayed to in union with Saint Philomena, whom he particularly loved. He is prayed especially for priests and priestly vocations, and was proclaimed “patron of all the parish priests of the universe” by Pius XI. Among his most effective prayers are the novena and the recitation of the rosary while meditating on joyful, painful and glorious mysteries. Here are the most beautiful prayers by the parish priest of Ars.

Prayer of intercession by the holy parish priest of Ars and Saint Philomene

Lord, you are not afraid to go through Your saints to accomplish your wonders.

You know how much the holy parish priest of Ars loved to entrust his intentions to Saint Philomena; she is the sign of purity, she is a child with a simple heart. She is the sign of strength, she is a martyr invincible by your power.

In our turn, relying on their intercession, we ask You for a simple, pure and strong heart. And since you never refuse to answer a prayer made in faith, we come to entrust you with this intention...

In faith, we know that You accept our prayer, and we let You hear it according to Your will.

Amen. Amen.

Prayer for Priests

Lord Jesus, alongside Saint Jean-Marie Vianney, we entrust to You all the priests we know, those we have met, those who helped us, those You give us today as fathers.

You have called each one by his name; for each one we praise You, and we beg You: keep them faithful to Your name; You who have consecrated them so that in Your name they may be our shepherds, give their strength, trust and joy to accomplish their mission.

May the Eucharist that they celebrate nourish them and give them the courage to offer themselves with You for the sheep that we are; may they be immersed in Your heart of mercy so that they may always be witnesses of Your forgiveness; may they be true worshipers of the Father so that they may teach us the true way of holiness.

Father, with them, we offer ourselves to Christ for the Church: may its mission be in the breath of your Spirit; simply teach us to love them, to respect them and to receive them as a gift which comes from Your hand, so that together we may do more of Your work for the salvation of all. Amen. Amen.

Prayer for vocations

Lord Jesus, Guide and Pastor of your people, you have raised up in your Church Saint Jean-Marie Vianney, parish priest of Ars, blessed for the holiness of his life and the admirable fruitfulness of his ministry. With perseverance and humble patience, he overcame all obstacles on the paths of the priesthood. A priest, he drew from the Eucharistic celebration and silent adoration the ardor of his pastoral charity and the dynamism of his apostolic zeal.

By his intercession,

Touch the hearts of the young; let them find in the example of his life the impulse to walk after you, with the same courage, without looking back. Renew the hearts of the priests; let them cling to you with fervor and depth. May they build the unity of communities on the Eucharist and forgiveness, in mutual love. Strengthen Christian families; let them support those of their children whom you have called.

Even today, Lord, send workers to your harvest to meet the evangelical challenge of our time. May many young people make their lives an "I love you" in the service of their brothers, like Saint Jean-Marie Vianney. For You, the Shepherd for eternity. Amen. Amen.

The act of love of the holy parish priest

I love You, O my God, and my only desire is to love You to the last breath of my life.

I love You, O infinitely lovable God, and I would rather die loving you than live a single moment without loving You.

I love You, O my God, and I desire heaven only to have the happiness of loving You perfectly.

I love You, O my God, and I do not apprehend hell except because there will never be the sweet consolation of loving You.

O my God, if my tongue cannot say at all times that I love you, at least I want my heart to repeat it to You as many times as I breathe.

O! Give me the grace to suffer by loving You, to love You by suffering, and to expire one day by loving You and feeling that I love You.

And the closer I get to my end, the more I urge You to increase my love and perfect it.


The sermons and quotations of Saint Jean-Marie Vianney

The parish priest of Ars deeply touched hearts with his words. He is famous for his memorable sermons, but also for all the catechism lessons he gave in the evening in his church in Ars to the many crowds gathered to hear him and confess to him. Here are the main themes of his homilies as well as the related quotations.

The Virgin Mary

"All that the Son asks of the Father is granted to him. All that the Mother asks of the Son is likewise granted to her.

The surest way to know the will of God is to pray to our good Mother. 

"When our hands have touched herbs, they bless everything they touch. Let us pass our prayers through the hands of the Blessed Virgin, she will bless them.


It is neither the long nor the beautiful prayers that God looks at, but those that are made from the bottom of the heart, with great respect and a real desire to please God.

"How pleasant it is to him a little fifteen minutes that we steal from our occupations, from a few useless things, to pray.

The special prayer resembles straw scattered here and there in a field. If we set it on fire, the flame has little ardor, but if we gather this scattered straw, the flame is abundant and rises high towards the sky: so is public prayer.

The Confession and Mercy of God

"Our sins are grains of sand beside the great mountain of the mercies of God. ”

"When the priest gives absolution, one must think only of one thing; that is, that the blood of God flows on our soul to wash it, to purify it and to make it as beautiful as it was after baptism.

"The good Lord at the moment of absolution throws our sins behind his shoulders, that is, he forgets them, he annihilates them: they will never appear again.

The Sacrament of the Eucharist and Communion

The food of the soul is the body and blood of a God. There is a reason, if you think about it, to lose yourself for eternity in this abyss of love!

"All good works put together do not amount to the sacrifice of the Mass, because they are the works of men, and the Holy Mass is the work of God.

Do not say you are not worthy. It is true: you are not worthy of it, but you need it.

The Priesthood of the Priest

Go and confess to the Blessed Virgin or an angel. Will they absolve you? Will they give you the body and blood of our Lord? No, the Blessed Virgin cannot send her divine Son down into the host. You would have two hundred angels there that they could not absolve you. A priest, as simple as he is, can. He can tell you: Go in peace, I forgive you.

"A good pastor, a pastor according to the heart of God, is the greatest treasure that God can give to a parish, and one of the most precious gifts of divine mercy.