Prayer for Deliverance and Protection

We are the products of a family history that sometimes can be hard to bear. To walk with confidence and joy in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, it is important to heal first and to be freed from the burdens of the past. Before praying for protection, you can ask the Lord to deliver you, forgive you and allow you to live in the present moment. 

Prayer for Protection and Deliverance by St. Peter Canisius 

“See, O merciful God, what return I, your thankless servant, have made for the innumerable favors and the wonderful love you have shown me!

What wrongs I have done, what good left undone! Wash away, I beg you, these faults and stains with your precious blood, most kind Redeemer, and make up for my poverty by applying your merits.

Give me the protection I need to amend my life. I give and surrender myself wholly to you,
and offer you all I possess, with the prayer that you bestow your grace on me, so that I may be able to devote and employ all the thinking power of my mind and the strength of my body in your holy service, who are God blessed for ever and ever. 


Other Prayers for Deliverance

God can help you in your spiritual combat to mend your mental wounds. There exist many prayers for deliverance that can help you face the darkness and walk the path to the Lord. Here are a few examples:

Pray to The Sacred Heart of Jesus for Liberation on Hozana

Discover the many prayer communities on Hozana! Hozana helps you practice daily prayer to grow your faith. Say a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; invite His peace into your heart. 

Say a novena to St. Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer, and be inspired by His many virtues. Pray to the Holy Spirit and let it breathe through you

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