Padre Pio's Prayer to The Guardian Angel

Christians believe that guardian Angels are mythical creatures who were given the task by God to watch over us. Whether we are working, driving, or even sleeping, our guardian angel always looks after us and gives us protection. Guardian angels were an important part of St. Padre Pio’s life. His faith was intimately connected to the notion and the existence of guardian angels, they feature in his many letters to his spiritual children, and in his many prayers. More importantly, St. Padre Pio interacted with his own guardian angel from an early age: he played with him, discussed with him and called him his ‘friend’. 

Prayer to The Guardian Angel by Padre Pio

“Angel of God, my guardian,

to whom the goodness of the Heavenly Father entrusts me.

Enlighten, protect and guide me Now and forever.


Other Prayers to The Guardian Angels

“My Holy Guardian Angel;

Glory to God, who, in His eternal wisdom, entrusted you with me!

Praised be to the Lord for giving you the power to be the collaborator of His kindness, His tenderness, His mercy!

Blessed is He for putting you in the service of His love for me!

Thank you for always being beside me, for being devoted to me, for caring for me, for the trust and the protection that you give me. 

I trust in your protection and in your mediation. 

You, who always sees the face of God;

Please offer Him my prayers

I entrust to you my projects.

Walk ahead of me, walk behind me, walk by me. 

Protect me, inspire me, let me know God’s will and His choices:

Help me accept them and accomplish them at all times

With the “innocence of the dove and the wisdom of serpents” (Matthew 10:13)

Defend me against the snares of the devil and of his demons

Help me resist triumphantly all temptations against faith and against commitment to the Divine Providence, purity, the love of God and of my brothers.

Holy Guardian Angel,

Purify my memory, keep me from dangerous, misplaced thoughts,

From the impulsiveness of my emotions, from the devil’s deceptions that distort my judgment, that put my consciousness to sleep, that present lies as truth and evil as good.

Deliver me from an agitated, scattered, indolent, self-satisfied mind.

Please pray for me, pray with me, and even pray on my behalf when I am too occupied or too tired to do it myself.

Enlighten my imagination, cleanse the thoughts that enter my mind;

Strengthen the light of my intelligence, grant me an unwavering serenity in the face of every occurence, every physical and moral ailments of the world willed by the Divine Providence.

Angel of the Lord,

Be benevolent to me, fight alongside me, so that I may always live in God’s Peace and serve faithfully His glory in Christ, my saviour.


There are many prayers to give thanks to our guardian angels for their company. These types of prayers can be said in the morning or at night to help us invoke them, to ask for their help and protection (especially with novenas). 

Pray to Your Guardian Angel with Hozana

Hozana offers many spiritual programs designed to help you enrich your oratory content. Follow the steps of St. Padre Pio by dedicating 9 days to pray a novena for his intercession, or practice meditation by joining the Franciscans of the Renewal’s prayer community to St. Padre Pio.

Pray with the angels by joining communities dedicated to them, or pray a novena to St. Michael the Archangel to ask for his protection!

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