The beauty of women in God's eyes

Join this novena is to (re)discover, the way God sees women.

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Let us take advantage of this privileged time of Lent to put ourselves for nine days in the school of the Magnificat, of the virginal model... and to incarnate in our daily lives what we pray for. On the occasion of Women's Day, often too closely linked to a disembodied and impersonal feminism, let us take the time to return to our own vocation.

Through this novena, we wish to highlight the special place that God gives to women and to nourish our lives with this love of the Father for each of us!

How important it is to place ourselves in right humility before the Lord! It can be difficult at times to recognise that we are weak, small and fragile... as well as to recognise with wonder that God gives us everything at every moment. Yet it is in this attitude of joyful humility that we find our vocation as women. 

Following the Virgin, let us learn to accept the merciful gaze of the Father upon us, and to radiate his love to those around us!

The programme of this novena

Day 1: Let us enter into the joy of the Magnificat!

Day 2: Taste Mary's words of thanksgiving

Day 3: Let us meditate on Mary's "yes" to the service of the New Covenant

Day 4: Let's put ourselves in the school of gratitude, the path to inner peace and true joy

Day 5: Let us rediscover the merciful love of God who makes himself close to us

Day 6: Let us build a world turned towards God, faithful in his love for us

Day 7: Let us be nourished by Christ to enter a path of holiness

Day 8: Let us return to God's plan for us, our personally received mission

Day 9: Let us pray with the Trinity who is concretely incarnated in our lives

The content of the novena (10 minutes per day)

Each day, you will receive a meditation, based on the Magnificat and texts from the Bible, to meditate on our condition as women and to let ourselves be touched by grace. Then you will be invited to recite the consecration to the Virgin, to let ourselves be guided by her along our journey. 

You will also be invited to achieve one or two concrete goals each day.

Bonus: Don't hesitate to extend your novena with a daily Angelus to anchor your prayer in your daily life... and your daily life in your prayer :)

Who are Alma?

Alma is a French Catholic association that offers quality moments, led by and for young people, centred on the discovery of one's talents, self-esteem and the development of one's personality so that each young girl can unite under the gaze of God and assume herself as a Christian. 

Through concrete activities and unique testimonies, we want to give confidence to teenagers so that they can live and radiate their femininity every day.  This novena is proposed by the association's animators. 

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Prayer from the novena

Consecration to Mary

My Queen and my Mother, I give myself entirely to you; and to show my devotion to you, I consecrate to you this day my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my whole being without reserve. Wherefore, good Mother, as I am your own, keep me, guard me, as your property and possession. Amen.