Prayers and Novenas for Women

Being a woman or becoming a young girl is not easy. Nowadays, we receive many contradicting messages on what it represents and the different roles we have to play: these messages are often reinforced by artificial, overly edited images that can be found on social media. How can we find our way in all of this? We construct our femininity through the gaze of others: our mothers, fathers, and society. Their notions of the subject matter can be flawed and a source of pain. How about choosing to discover and construct our femininity according to the benevolent gaze of God? Let Him bring you healing and revelations to help you understand your identity and the treasures placed within you. Place yourself under His watch to shine as a woman!

The Feminine Soul

What is the feminine soul? How is it different from and complementary to the masculine soul? What was God’s plan in creating men and women? What does it mean today to be a man or a woman? 

Discover the beauty and joy of being a woman or becoming one with online retreats and prayer programs. Learn how to share the richness of the treasures granted by God with the world! 

Femininity and Spirituality

There are many ways to let our feminine soul express itself. The Bible is filled with examples of women who served the Lord through intelligence, strength, courage, kindness, and beauty. But, other than these biblical figures, we can learn from saints. This is because so many women placed their femininity at the centre of their path to holiness: St. Edith Stein, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Monica, and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, to name a few. They invite you to put your duties and obligations aside, listen to your deeply-rooted desires, and experience a personal and authentic relationship with the Lord. 

Femininity and Motherhood

The question of motherhood in a woman’s life is important. However, it is not an easy one. Women need support as they face big or small challenges, such as the (sometimes long) wait that comes with trying to conceive a child. Prayer can help them find their strength and allow them to welcome the grace of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Hozana offers you to join communities of worship to pray for mothers and women who try to have children. They can also find a time for themselves and share a moment of spirituality under the eyes of God!