Novena with the Servant of God Darwin Ramos, street child

A street child, Darwin Ramos is now on his way to sainthood! For 9 days, come and discover his life and his fight against illness: a testimony of joy and love!


Who is Darwin Ramos ? 

Darwin Ramos is a street child from Manila (Philippines) with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Young, poor and sick, he is a master of joy for many who knew him. Since his death in 2012, his reputation for holiness has continued to grow and his life has become an example for many Catholics. A cause for beatification has been open in the diocese of Cubao (Philippines) since August 28, 2019. More and more people are praying through his intercession and testifying to the many graces received. 

We offer you this very simple novena, based on the testimony given in the book "Stronger Than Darkness" (St Pauls, 2021) by Father Matthieu Dauchez who accompanied Darwin as member of the "ANAK-Tnk" foundation. The nine days of the novena follow the last days on earth of the Servant of God. The parallel with the days of Holy Week is striking, which is why the novena follows the days of the Passion of Christ. 

The novena takes place according to the following scheme : 

  • Reading of a short passage from the Holy Scriptures. 
  • Reading of an excerpt from the book "Stronger Than Darkness ». 
  • Prayer to the Servant of God Darwin Ramos 

Who are we ?

ANAK-Tnk's mission is to give back to the most unfortunate children of Manila their dignity and their smile.

To learn more about our mission and to support us: 

Any grace received through the intercession of the Servant of God, Darwin Ramos must be reported to the Postulation ( 

Prayer from the novena

Prayer for God's Servant Darwin Ramos

O GOD of all Joy, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you never leave alone those who are in a time of trial. We thank you for giving us, in Darwin Ramos, a street child, an illuminating example of Christian life. During his short life you gave him the grace of simple never-failing faith, of joyful hope in illness, of endless charitable concern for his neighbor. We pray you grant your servant Darwin glorification on earth so that young and sick people may find in him a master of Joy. Through his intercession, hear our prayer, (express it here). We ask this, through Jesus-Christ, our Lord. Amen. (Our Father/Hail Mary/Glory to the Father.)

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