Lent - preparation and prayer

Lent is forty days defined by prayer, forgiveness and communion among Christians. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Holy Saturday, on the eve of Easter. It refers to the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert. For Christians, it is a time of recollection, conversion, and sharing in preparation to live the joy of Christ’s resurrection. Throughout this period, we are invited to turn to our 

Saviour and our brothers and sisters in Christ, to decenter through this time of fast and prayer.

Lent online retreats

Lent retreats offer you the opportunity to renew, refill your cup, walk towards God, strengthen your faith, experience conversion.

On Hozana, you can now find several propositions of online retreats with daily or weekly posts. You will be able to walk the steps of a saint or a witness of faith, go through the Word of God (whether with the help of the Old Testament or the gospel). You will benefit from teachings and testimonies or face minor challenges that will help you progress. There is something suitable for everybody!

Guidance for the time fast

During the period of Lent, Christians are invited to cut off some of their habits to create more space for God in their lives. This fast is an offering and an occasion to recenter on what is truly important in our lives and rediscover its taste!

Whether it is about a fast, giving up a bad habit or limiting our leisure time to spend more time on prayer, it can be difficult to maintain our efforts for forty days unless we ask the Holy Spirit to help us!

Living this season in our prayer communities can help us encourage one another!

Let’s walk towards Easter together

Lent encourages introspection, but it is also a time of communion and sharing between Christians. With our retreats around Lent, the Holy Week, Paschal Triduum, and online celebrations, Hozana invites you to join this privileged time of unity in prayer.

You can also post your prayer intentions and share them with all other members.