Holy week - how to prepare yourself through prayer

The Holy week is the last week of Lent. It starts with Palm Sunday to end with Easter Vigil, the night preceding EasterDuring this week, Christians commemorate the Passion of Christ, including his last supper with the disciples on Holy Thursday and his crucifixion and death on Holy Friday. The Holy week is a time of recollection and preparation to live the joy of Resurrection, Easter Sunday.

Prepare yourself for the joy of Resurrection.

The Holy week ends the Lent, the time of introspection and preparation that helps us live the death and resurrection of Christ, pray and meditate more. The Holy week offers us an opportunity to get 

closer to Jesus. In only a few days, we revive the most intense moments of his life:

With Hozana's online retreats, we can go through these painful mysteries that prepare us for the joy of Easter!

Meditate the mystery of the cross

How difficult is it to even contemplate the cross and our Saviour crucified? And yet, the cross is a symbol of life. That is where one of the greatest and most beautiful Christian mysteries resides. When walking the Way of Cross on the Holy Friday, we follow Jesus's steps. We walk not towards death by Christ's glory, our salvation, station by station. The online retreats offered for this end of Lent, with the help of meditations, prayers, and contemplations, help us perceive the cross's beauty better.

Pray during the Paschal triduum

The Paschal triduum is the three days preceding Easter: Holy Thursday, Holy Friday and Holy Saturday. These three days are the Holy Week's peak, and specific celebrations take place each day.

Suppose you can not go to your parish in person and experience the Paschal triduum there for any reason. In that case, Hozana offers you to live it in a communion of prayer through online live church services or share a time of recollection and prayer with one of our communities.