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Discovering the Augustinian charism of Interiority

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Finding your hidden treasure - the way of silent prayer

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Each Thursday

Finding your hidden treasure - the way of silent prayer

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The most important journey in life is the journey inwards, to the depths of our own being. It is a journey we are all invited to make. It takes us beyond words and images into silence. The silence allows the restless mind to become still and in the stillness we enter a new world. We return to our hearts. Here we find our true selves. We discover an ancient way of finding God that has almost become lost. Slowly, we realise that we are in union with the source of life and love itself. Our whole life changes. Our goal now is to take God's love to others in our everyday lives.

Fr Ben O'Rourke, an Augustinian friar and long-time member of the Augustinian community at Clare Priory, has led hundreds of men and women, people of all faiths and none, on the way of silent prayer for more than forty years. He died peacefully on the evening of Sunday 25th August 2019, four days after the celebration of his 90th birthday.

Benignus O'Rourke has both rediscovered and modernised the lost art of the monastic chapter as a literary form. His concentrated and economic prose communicates depth without wasting a word. Most chapters in Finding Your Hidden Treasure are just over a page in length. They are arranged thematically. Each addresses a crucial threshold along the spiritual path. If you are looking for a book that is eloquent in its simplicity, perceptive in the issues addressed, and will bring comfort in the presence of a God closer to us than we are to ourselves, Finding Your Hidden Treasure is a sure-footed guide. Those of us drawn to silent prayer will feel very much in debt to Benignus O'Rourke for producing this fine volume.
- Martin Laird, author of "Into the Silent Land"

Extracts from Finding Your Hidden Treasure

© 2010 Benignus O'Rourke OSA

Published by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd

© Photo: Ian Wilson OSA

Get the book: www.theaugustinians.org


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The great silence of the heart

'God speaks to us in the great silence of the heart." - Augustine of Hippo

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