Learn to Pray Online

Prayer is a gift from God, a moment of sharing and exchange between Him and us. It is a moment of grace in our lives. However, as confident in the power of prayer as we may be, it isn’t always easy to make it a daily part of our lives. What does it mean to pray? How do we pray? How do we pray more regularly? How do we speak to God? Whatever method you choose, you can always go further and make this heart to heart with God a deeper moment of spirituality. 

There are many ways to pray: by singing, memorising and reciting prayers, reading the Word of God, or simply by remaining silent. Let yourself be guided through the process! 

How to Pray, and Why? 

Is it so important to pray? What difference does prayer make for you? Our lives are already filled with so many tasks and responsibilities that dedicating some time to prayer means that we need to feel a desire to do so. Prayer is a special appointment we make to love God and receive His love, not an obligation or a chore. We pray to God for special petitions, thank Him, or simply spend some time in His presence as we would do with a close friend.  

Whether you are trying to create the habit of praying for the first time or to find your way back to prayer, Hozana offers you to join multiple programs of varying lengths to help you discover the treasures of worship and give you a few tips to make the practice of prayer easier. 


Discover Different Forms of Prayer

Prayer is a living and personal relationship with God. Therefore, there are no rules or fixed structures that your time of spirituality must follow. Every word you speak, every moment of silence, and action you dedicate to the Lord can be a prayer. However, there are different ways to practice prayer in the Christian tradition: these can enrich your spiritual life, depending on your sensibilities or current needs. 

Meditation, contemplation, chaplets, praise, adoration of the eucharist. Discover the different ways to pray and worship the Lord with simple online spiritual programs!

Making Daily Prayer Easy

More than accompanying you through your initiation to prayer or helping you enhance it, the multiple prayer communities on Hozana are also designed to make your devotional time an easier, richer experience. Whatever neighbourhood you join and however long its program can be (whether it is a novena, a retreat or a permanent community), you can read the online publications on your personal prayer space or the Hozana phone application. This can help you pray easily, at any moment or in any place that feels most convenient to you. In addition, prayer communities allow you to unite yourself with other Christians to dedicate this spiritual time to a special intention or theme. You can also publish a personal intention of prayer and pray for those posted by others.