Discover Christian meditation!

In Christian tradition, meditation can be a form of prayer. We can meditate on Bible passages to hear what God has to tell us or build our relationship with Him. Sit down and try to calm your thoughts down. It might seem impossible to a beginner to “clear your mind” - to make it easier, try concentrating on repeating a word or a phrase like “Jesus” or “Abba”. Try to focus on the present moment by observing your breath, acknowledging the tension in different body parts, and relaxing. Techniques may vary. The main difference between contemporary and Christian meditation is the goal - it is about opening our hearts and preparing ourselves to meet God in person.

Meditate on the Bible

Meditation, meditatio is the second step of Lectio Divina. By calming our thought, clearing our heads and focusing on the passage, we can prepare our hearts to hear the Divine message. You can read and meditate daily or start with z weekly Sunday Gospel Reflection with Br. Samuel Mary.

You can also use meditation to learn more about Saints’ lives. Discover St. Augustine’s history with one of Hozana’s retreats!

Meditation for Spiritual Growth 

Meditation and mindful being in God’s presence can fuel our Spiritual Growth and serve our personal development. Meditate to overcome fear and anxiety or start a novena for a Peace of Mind. Pray for nine days for Spiritual healing.

Learning meditation is similar to physical training, and Saint Ignatius of Loyola wrote a booklet of spiritual exercises perfect for this goal! In addition, he will guide you through the journey of discovering your spirituality. 

Meditation in preparation for events

What makes feasts and celebrations even more special is the time of waiting and preparation that proceeds the special day! Think about the time preceding Christmas - waiting to open a case of Advent Calendar every morning, setting up the Christmas tree… Or about nine months of preparing for the arrival of a new baby! Mindful waiting prepares our hearts for the joy of celebration!

Meditation and online retreats can help you get ready spiritually for liturgical celebrations! Online lent retreatsHoly Week Meditations or Novena honouring the Ascension are a few of many online retreats that you can find on Hozana!