Let's pray to saint Joseph every day!

Let's ask Saint Joseph for his support in our daily sorrows and difficulties, by praying every day!


Dear brothers and sisters, let us ask Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary to teach us to be faithful to our daily tasks, to live our faith in the actions of everyday life and to give more space to the Lord in our lives, to pause to contemplate His face.”
- Catechesis by Pope Francis; May 1st, 2013

Enjoy a daily prayer to St. Joseph, accompanied by a short invocation to the Foster-father of Jesus taken from his litany (remember that we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph the worker every year on may the 1st).

Let us entrust to his attentive and benevolent care our various concerns (studies, work, family, health, the loss of a loved one, social relationships, intentions for others, etc.) to receive his protection, and ask for his assistance in the difficulties and sorrows we are experiencing.

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Prayer from the community

Memorare to Saint Joseph

Remember, O most pure spouse of the Virgin Mary, my beloved Patron, that never it has been heard that anyone invoked your patronage and sought your aid without being comforted. Inspired by this confidence I come to you and fervently commend myself to you. Despise not my petition, O dearest foster father of our Redeemer, but accept it graciously. Amen.