Novena for Parents who had Miscarriages-St Catherine of Sweden

Pray this novena if you have had a miscarriage.


Join us for 9 days in prayer to receive hope and soothing if you have had a miscarriage.

That your couple, after the trial of the miscarriage, may find peace in God's love.

St Catherine of Sweden

St Catherine is the patron saint of parents who have had miscarriages.

The Programme

For 9 days, everyday, receive:

-A quote 📖

-A meditation 🪔

-A proposed action 💪

-A concluding prayer 🙏

Who wrote this novena:

Matthew Chicone is a father of 4 and an online apostle. His faith helped him and his wife overcome difficulties, including miscarriages.

You may follow him on Instagram at by clicking here.

Prayer from the novena

Prayer to St Catherine of Sweden

Dear St. Catherine, Patron of those who have suffered a miscarriage, you know the dangers that await unborn infants. Please intercede for us that we may receive healing from the loss we have suffered. Our souls have been deprived of peace and we have forgotten what true happiness is. As we mourn the loss of my child, we place myself in the hands of God and ask for strength to accept His will in all things, for consolation in our grief, and for peace in our sorrow. Glorious St. Catherine, hear our prayers and ask that God, in good time, grant us a healthy baby who will become a true child of God. Amen.