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I'm asking the Holy Ghost to grow and yield fruit. Through Him, I can get the strength to follow Christ, give my life to Him and be faithful to Him in all things. 

Discovering the gift of strength

“Today let us think of what the Christ does: he always comes to support us in our weakness with a special gift, the gift of strength.

With the gift of strength, the Holy Ghost frees the soil of our heart, He frees it from drowsiness, from all the fears that could impede it so that the Word of the Lord be put into practice in an authentic and joyful way. This gift of strength is a real help that also frees us from so many hindrances.

There are hard times too and extreme situations in which the gift of strength manifests itself in an extraordinary and exemplary way. So is it for those who have to face particularly harsh and painful experiences that upset their lives and the lives of those around them. The Church shines through the testimony of so many brothers and sisters who did not hesitate to give their lives in order to remain faithful to the Lord and His Gospel.

This does not mean that the gift of strength is only useful in certain occasions or particular situations. This gift must be the bulk of our being as Christians in our ordinary daily life. As I already said, every day of our daily life we must be strong and we need this gift to move on in our life, our family and our faith.

Dear friends, sometimes we may be tempted to give way to sloth or – worse – to low spirits especially when we are faced with the hardships and trials of life. In such circumstances let us not give up, let us pray the Holy Ghost so that thanks to the gift of strength He may relieve our hearts and communicate to our lives a new strength as well as enthusiasm.”

- Pope Francis

Asking for the gift of strength

Father, I'm asking Thee for the gift of strength. Through Thy Holy Ghost wring me out of sloth, fear and low spirits so that I may live every day of my life its entirety.

I entrust Thee with the circumstances of my life that keep me away from Thy heart and prevent me from trusting Thee. Fertilize the soil of my heart so that Thy Word may grow in it and yield fruit in the world.

Free me from my chains, my fears and my doubts so that I only live through Thee, with Thee and in Thee.

Living and sharing the gift of strength

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” - Philippians 4, 13

I can approach a friend or an acquaintance who lives a difficult situation. With humility and thoughtfulness, by my presence, my prayer and a few words I can show him that God wishes to offer His strength also to him

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)

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