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Our Lady of the Rosary: Feast, Prayer

Our Lady of the Rosary: Feast, Prayer

The Feast of the Rosary is a liturgical solemnity on October 7, in the middle of the month of the Rosary. First under the name of the feast of Our Lady of Victories, this feast was initially a thanksgiving for the victory of Lepanto. Find out how and why this feast was instituted. As well as why praying Our Lady of the Rosary and reciting the Rosary is always synonymous with victory, still for each of us today.



Origin of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Following the victory at Lepanto over the Turks in 1571, which was attributed to the recitation of the rosary by the faithful at the request of Pope Pius V (Dominican), he wanted to thank the Virgin Mary. In 1573, he instituted the feast of Our Lady of Victory. Gregory XIII changed its name and fixed it to the first Sunday in October.

First attached to the brotherhood of the Rosary, founded by Blessed Alain de la Roche, it became universal in the Catholic Church under Clement XI. Pope Pius X, in 1917, gave it a fixed date: October 7.


Beyond this solemnity, it is now the entire month of October that is associated with Mary and the Rosary, since in 1883, Pope Leo XIII dedicated the month of October to “the Holy Queen of the Rosary.”


Why pray to Our Lady of the Rosary?

To respond to a request from the Virgin Mary

It is under the name “Our Lady of the Rosary” that the Virgin appeared to Saint Dominic before transmitting her "psalter” to him, and it is also under this name that she presented herself during one of her apparitions in Fatima, on October 13, 1917.

During her apparitions, Our Lady asked us to recite the rosary.

To entrust all our struggles to the victorious Virgin

“Our Lady of the Rosary” is also associated with the terms “Our Lady of Victory” or “Our Lady of the Rescue of Christians.”

Praying the rosary is at the origin of many victories in the history of the Church and the world because, as Pius IX recalls: “Great is the strength of an army that holds not the sword but the Rosary.”


Faced with current challenges, the struggles that the world has to fight, we must therefore pray the rosary. But we can also use this beautiful prayer for our more intimate, more personal struggles, as Pius X invites us: “If you want peace in your home, say the rosary together.”

Whatever struggles we have to fight, Marie is by our side.



How pray to Our Lady of the Rosary?

This prayer comes from an apparition of the Virgin to Saint Dominic in 1208. It is recited using a rosary composed of 5 dozen small pearls (or beads), separated by a large pearl (or bead).


Each decade begins with the recitation of an Our Father (on the large bead) then 10 Hail Marys (1 for each bead) and ends with a Glory Be.
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The prayer of the Rosary is also accompanied by meditation on the mysteries of Jesus' life. Each of the 20 mysteries (divided into 4 series of mysteries: joyful luminous sorrowful, and glorious) is the subject of a decade.
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To help you and accompany you in the recitation of your rosary, you can join the daily recitation of the rosary or download the free Rosario application for a simple and communal practice of the Rosary. 

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