Holy Week

Holy Week is the week before the feast of Easter. it begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday in the evening, after the Easter Vigil.

This week, which closes the liturgical time of Lent, celebrates the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, his Passion, and death on the cross.


Discover the meaning, celebration and the devotions and prayers that characterize Holy Week, which takes us on a journey towards Easter and the resurrection of Christ!



What is Holy Week for Christians?

Holy Week is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. It closes the Lenten period and invites us to relive the last moments of Jesus in his earthly life, commemorating the Last Supper on Holy Thursday and his Passion and death on Good Friday.


During this very special week, different religious services take place, allowing us to walk towards the summit of the liturgical year, namely the feast of Easter!

This climb is marked by three days: the Easter Triduum, which begins on Thursday evening and ends on the evening of Easter Sunday.

How is Holy Week celebrated?

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, celebrating the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, when he is acclaimed by the crowd as the Messiah and king of Israel.


Four days later, on Holy Thursday, the Chrism Mass takes place: the bishop blesses the Holy Oils and the Holy Chrism, which will be used for the baptism of catechumens during the Easter Vigil. On the evening of Holy Thursday, a second Mass is celebrated: it is the Last Supper of the Lord, during which the washing of the feet takes place.


On Good Friday, the Church does not celebrate Mass, for it is the day of the death of Christ. At 3 in the afternoon, the faithful go to the Way of the Cross, which recalls the stations of the climb to Calvary. In the evening, the celebration of the Passion continues with the veneration of the Holy Cross.




Finally, on the night of Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil takes place: the priest blesses the new fire announcing the resurrection of Jesus and then celebrates the Easter Vigil! 

Holy Week Devotion and Prayers

Holy Week: a climb to Easter!

Holy Week is an actualization of the great mystery of Easter, this week invites us to fully live the death and resurrection of Christ. This victory of life over death is the complete and definitive realization of our redemption! By our baptism, we died with Christ, and by his resurrection, we have already risen! 

Thus, the celebrations of Holy Week renew the paschal mystery so that we can ascend towards Easter and enter into the joy of the resurrection of Christ.

Holy Week Prayers

Palm Sunday

“Lord Jesus, sitting on your donkey, resolutely you are moving forward. Hosanna, the children shout. But under the twigs that agitate the intrigues are knotted, your destiny is taking shape. Still, you're going your way. Son of David, praise you!”


Holy Monday

"Lord Jesus, when Mary, your friend, Lazarus' sister, poured the precious perfume on your feet, some was found to protest. 


Holy Tuesday

“Lord Jesus, your passion is also the betrayal, that of Judas, that of Peter, that of all those cowards who left to weep in silence defeat and shame. But you, Lord, said,“ Thy will be done. “O Christ, praise be to you!”


Holy Wednesday

“Lord Jesus, your time is near. It is you who sees to the preparations for Passover. It's time for the Passage. Your heart is oppressed, you are in pain. What source flows through you to give you all this courage? Lamb of God, praise you!”


Holy Thursday:

"Lord Jesus, at your last meal, which became the first Eucharist, there is even a place for the one who will deliver you. So, you give everything to fill the void of your absence to come. You, the Servant, are praised!”


Good Friday

"Lord Jesus, death, all death, always sends us back to our own death. That's why she's scary. But yours, Lord, even beyond the horror of the cross, teaches us that it has a tomorrow of light. Man of pains, praised be you!”


Holy Saturday

“Lord Jesus, today is the day of the tomb, the day of expectation, the day of silence that makes the hallelujahs more brilliant, the day leading to the great night where the light is so beautiful. Tomorrow it will be Easter and already our hearts are impatient. Son of God always alive, praised be you!”


Prayers of the parish of Colomiers, written by Jacques Houle

Pray with Hozana during Holy Week!

In order to fully enter into the mystery of Easter, live Holy Week with intensity! Follow Christ during his last moments: during the Last Supper, during his ascension to Calvary, and during his stay among the dead. Thus, you will be able to follow the Risen One!


Here are some beautiful prayer offerings from Hozana in order to experience this liturgical time in depth:


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