Praying with St Charbel of Lebanon

You are invited to join a 9 day novena to pray to St Charbel to pray for all those who may be sick at this time.

novena from Jul 15, 2021 to Jul 23, 2021

Why pray this Novena?

St Charbel teaches us how to be humble and how to have a life dedicated to prayer. He also teaches us how to reach a place of holiness deep within ourselves through spending time in silence with God in the noise of each day allowing us to be more like the Lord.

Every day you will receive:

💭 - A photo to reflect upon.
🙏 - Novena Prayer

Daily programme of the novena: 

Day one: Grace of faith
Day two: Grace and mercy
Day three: Courage to bear life's difficulties
Day four: Growth in Christian virtues
Day five: Peace
Day six: Glory to God
Day seven: Repentance
Day eight: Live according to Jesus
Day night: Unison with God

Prayer from the novena

Novena Intro Prayer

Dearest Lord, you have inspired St Charbel, the saint monk, to lead the perfect life of a hermit. We thank You for granting him the blessing and the strength to detach himself from the world so that the heroic monastic virtues of poverty, chastity, and obedience, could triumph in his hermitage. We ask for his intercession in this novena.

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