A week with Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Come and get acquainted with St. Frances Cabrini, the first American Saint! Learn about the fascinating life of this valiant woman who did the work of Christ among the immigrants of NYC.


Since her early childhood in Italy, Mother Frances wanted to be a missionary in China. But she listened to Pope Leo XIII urging call, "Not to the East, but to the West!" - and found herself in New York City to assist the thousands of immigrants living there. 

Despite several obstacles and difficulties, this commited woman founded over 60 institutions dedicated to the poor, the outcast, the sick. She worked endlessly, until her death from illness, in one of the hospitals she established in Chicago. 

Today, as millions deal with the issues of having little or no medical care, as many places in the world are closing their doors and hearts to the immigrants, may Mother Cabrini inspire us to become citizen-servants of our countries. 

During this 7 days you'll receive:

  • A verse from the Scriptures. 
  • A short paragraph about St. Frances' life.
  • A quote for meditation.
  • A prayer.

NB: November 13 is her feast day

Picture: St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in a stained-glass window at the saint's shrine chapel in the Washington Heights section of New York City (CNS / Gregory A. Shemitz).

Prayer from the retreat

Give to my heart, O Lord

Give to my heart, O Lord, Compassion and understanding. Give to my hands kindness and gentleness. Give to my ears the ability to listen. Give to my lips words of comfort. Give me, O Lord, Strength for this selfless service. And enable me to give hope To those I am called to serve. Amen.

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