Recited prayers

In our daily prayer practice, it is completely normal sometimes to feel more comfortable reciting written prayers than having to improvise! Luckily for us, the Christian tradition is abundant in beautiful prayers written by saints and wonderful psalms!

Whatever overflows our hearts, we can always confide in our Saviour! We can lay our prayers of asking, prayers for intercession or covenant before God. We can also give praise and thank you through our prayers.

(Re)discover these wonderful Christian prayers with Hozana! 

Rediscover Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, The Apostles’ Creed 

At Church or home, in the privacy of our prayers, we have been reciting these beautiful Christian prayers often for centuries!

- Lord’s Prayer, a prayer passed on by Jesus himself

The Apostles’ Creed  (I believe in God), a symbol of the Apostles that testifies our faith

- Hail Mary, a magnificent prayer to the mother of Jesus Christ

But do we know the meaning and value of these texts? Exploring the history and origins of these prayers, the meaning behind those words can help us understand their beauty and power, and recite them with true conviction!

Pray daily with beautiful Christian prayers

Prayer is a surge of one’s soul towards the Father. Words enable us to express our gratitude, awe, desires, hopes, fears, doubts and aches.

Thanks to psalms and prayers written by saints, church fathers, and unknown writers, clergy members or laics, we can enter this privileged time of communion with God.

With the wide offer of Hozana’s online retreats, you can find a community that will help you take time for daily prayer. You can also choose to receive a written prayer every morning.

Pray the rosary

Many prayers are based on the rosary. The Holy Rosary also called the Marian devotion, is the most known. It encourages us to reflect on Christ’s life through meditating on important events in his life, called the twenty Mysteries of the Rosary. Reciting prayers and invocations, following the five sets of ten beads of the rosary, places us in a meditation where we can turn our souls to the Lord. 

 Discover the beautiful prayer of the Rosary by John Paul II and many others by joining one of Hozana’s online retreats!

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