The 14 works of corporal and spiritual Mercy

In "Dives in Misericordia", John Paul II reminds us that "Christ taught that man not only receives and experiences the mercy of God but that he is called to practice mercy towards others".


Purpose of this community of prayer:

Our goal is to illustrate the way to practice charity towards others by showcasing the Works of Mercy. In these powerful 14 bullet points, we will discover that Jesus gave us our "marching orders" as his followers. Ultimately, we'll realize that Jesus' words aren't about "us", but verily about "our neighbor".


The appeal of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois to the youth en route to the WYD in Krakow:

The world needs mercy and holiness ... The testimony of Scripture and the life of the saints is a sure and luminous point of support, giving flesh to the various works of corporal and spiritual mercy. Through these specific, well-determined examples, each of you - alone, but preferably with others - will be able to question and commit yourself.This is, by concrete acts, inspired by the Spirit of our baptism. May all God's mercy and the living presence of Christ be manifested to all ... You are called from now on to give an account of the hope that is in you ", [...] to be" of missionaries of the infinite mercy of God.This mercy cannot remain at ideas or principles level: it must be reflected in your life! These works that the saints have practised are within your reach: do not be afraid to commit yourself to them, such as you are, where you are, humbly and joyfully. In  responding to your vocation to holiness, you will share with your brothers and sisters the [...] beautiful fruits of Mercy in your life.

Program of this community of prayer:

You will receive every day a meditation on a particular work of mercy, based on an excerpt from the Old Testament, another from the New Testament and examples of Saints.


  • To feed the hungry
  • To give water to the thirsty
  • To clothe the naked
  • To shelter the homeless
  • To visit the sick
  • To visit the imprisoned/ransom the captive
  • To bury the dead


  • To instruct the ignorant
  • To counsel the doubtful
  • To admonish the sinner
  • To bear patiently those who wrong us
  • To forgive offenses
  • To comfort the afflicted
  • to pray for the living and the dead

Note to the participants:

This community of prayer is the fruit of a partnership between Hozana and the volunteers of the association "Knowledge of the Saints of Our Time" -Connaissances des saints de notre temps - whose mission is to make known contemporary Saints. The association publishes a free collection of booklets devoted to the Saints of our time and gives you access to these contents through prayer communities like this one on Hozana.

Texts of: the Apostles; Father Keith Beaumont; Brother Christof Betschart; Sébastien Boissenot; Father Dominique Catta; Father Emmanuel Coquet; CSNT; the Evangelists; Father Patrick-Marie Févotte; Jean-Emmanuel Franque; Thomas Geydier; François Gondrand; Marie-Luce Le Moine; Father Vincent de Mello; Elizabeth Montfort; Bishop Eric de Moulins Beaufort; the Prophets; Alice Quentin; Didier Rance; the Holy Spirit ; Jerome de Sentenac.

Prayer from the novena

Prayer to the Divine Mercy of St John Paul II

God, merciful Father, who revealed your love in your Son Jesus Christ, and spread it over us in the Holy Spirit Comforter, We entrust you today the destiny of the world and of every man. Bend over our sins, heal our weakness, overcome all evil, make all the inhabitants of earth experience your mercy, so that in you, God One and Trine, they always find the source of hope. Eternal father, for the painful Passion and the Resurrection of your Son, give us your mercy, as well as to the entire world! Amen.

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