The Imitation of Christ - A 3 Month Retreat

For 3 months, receive a daily quote from the Imitation of Christ. Be inspired to greater faith, greater love and never look back!


The Imitation of Christ

Receive excerpts from the book written by by Thomas à Kempis that has inspired many people, many saints.

Join and receive the prayers to inspire you to live God's love!

The programme

Everyday for 3 months:

  • Receive a daily quote 📖
  • Depose your prayer intentions at the foot of the cross ✝
  • Receive a concluding prayer 🙏

Prayer from the retreat

Prayer by Thomas a Kempis from the Imitation of Christ

O Lord God, holy Father, be You now and forever blessed. For as You will, so it has been done; and what You do is good. Let Your servant rejoice in You, not in myself or in any other. You alone are my true joy. Amen