Advent from Ampleforth Abbey

Christmas is around the corner and the 'to-do-list' is getting longer: cards, presents, food. The important thing 'to do' is prepare spiritually and that's what Advent is about.

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Why Join?

"Each Christmas we eat too much, drink too much and buy too much. So just what makes December different?" (Andrew Marr).

Advent from Ampleforth Abbey is an opportunity to make December different and celebrate the true meaning of Advent and Christmas.

The Programme

Every Sunday and Wednesday in Advent and everyday in the final week of Advent leading up to Christmas a series of meditations and questions for reflection will be posted to help us prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Ampleforth Abbey and Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly works at Ampleforth Abbey and is a member of the Hospitality Team.

He has a written a number of books, most recently The Glorious Journey, a reflection based on the film ‘The Two Popes', and Lent in 50 Moments

Come and See at Ampleforth Abbey:

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Prayer from the retreat

An Advent prayer

Your word is near, O Lord our God, your grace is near. Come to us, then, with mildness and power. Do not let us be deaf to you, but make us receptive and open to Jesus Christ your Son, who will come to look for us and save us today and every day for ever and ever. Amen

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