Thank you Lord!

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Thank you dearest Saint Joseph for watching over my daughter Carmen and praying and helping her with her mental health, job and apartment. I know that if it is God's will, a loving and devout Catholic man will be placed in her life who is to be her husband.🙏🏼💖


Thank you Saint Joseph


I thank GOD for saving me

Mary Irwin

Thank you St Joseph for my grandson's success in finding a job as a carer.


I Prayed to St Joseph to help my son get a house that seemed totally out with his reach. He got his dream home at a better price than he imagined. Thank you St Joseph🙏


Thank you Saint Joseph for helping me to buy the perfect house that I had waited to find for years, right next door to my wonderful Catholic neighbours who are now wonderful friends! I know it was through your intercession Saint Joseph.


St. Joseph,Thank You for all did with Jesus and Mary and all Your protecting for them . Thank you also for all the protecting all the people in this Novena .


Thank you St Joseph for hearing my prayers and all the love and support I have reveived for as long as I can remember


Thank you Saint Joseph, I received my visa approval to study in Canada, but still waiting for my husband work permit visa. Hoping and praying he'll have it too approved! Thank you also for always keeping my children safe and healthy as always!! Thank you so much!! Amen!


Thank you St.Joseph I now can take care of my family through the work I have.

Daniella L Cellucci

Thank you St. Joseph for interceding on my behalf for so many prayers throughout my life. Thank you!

Account deleted

I built a bridge To Heaven Dedicated To Mary Jesus and Joseph as They are our bridge to Eternal Life
Believe and Follow .Jesus will great you with open arms


Thank you so much St.Joseph for all you have done for me and my family. I just love you so much. Continue to watch over me and my family and my health, thank you St.Joseph for listening.


I confessed that I am a sinner and that I was trying to find life in other people and myself. I acknowledged that He sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I can be saved from my sin and have eternal life. I committed to living for God instead of others.


St Joseph, thank you for all our answered prayers and for being such an inspiration to all, especially Father's.


Thank you St Joseph for my husband, our child, and our flat! You answered our prayers in every detail! Thank you so much!


I heartily thank St Joseph for the house he got for me. It’s everything I’d wished and prayed for. And he also provided the money for me to pay.


Thank you Saint Joseph for your help in our marriage, family and for our flat!


Thank you St. Joseph for being a father to me all this time.


Hozana is absolutely brilliant, they have helped me pray for my family and friends, please keep my family and friends safe from evil and harm and live a happy and peaceful life ... Amen 🙏❤️💚💜💙🧡🤍💛....