Freed by His Cross and bound to the Father - Hozana

Freed by His Cross and bound to the Father

Freed by His Cross and bound to the Father


“Man was created to praise, to honour and to serve the Lord, our God in order to save his soul” Saint Ignatius of Loyola

YES, we were created to burst forth in praise before the splendour of Creation and its' creatures. We were made to have great respect and love for God. We were called to pass on God's love by doing His will. Through these three roles our souls are fulfilled.

God is the first who loves us, respects us, and serves us. Before man who He created with His hands, he exclaimed: “it is very good”. By blessing Adam and Eve, He praises man. It is God first who serves us by offering us creation. God shows us infinite respect by sending His Son as servant for humanity.

The words of Saint Ignatius invite me to answer my Lord. I should set out to praise Him as He praises me, to fear Him as He respects me, and to serve Him as He serves me. It is the true meaning of friendship.

Jesus came to save us all… from what? He saved us from our incapacity to be in a relationship with our Father. Through Him, with Him and in Him, we can give praise, honour and serve the Father. Sin stole our authentic relationship with the Father and made us close in on ourselves. The image of God that we should have has been destroyed. Luckily, Jesus, through His death and resurrection, came and gave reconciliation. Jesus restored our ability to be in communion with ourselves, with others, and with the earth and God. This is what it means to become a new being: becoming a child of God is most of all being in a relationship with ourselves, with others, with God, and with the Earth. All tied together by LOVE.

The soul is the place where man is the image of God; it is the heart, the center. The soul is infinite in man and this is the contrary of man's feelings, will power or intelligence.

Only the heart is capable of expanding permanently allowing the infinite love of God to develop within. We were created to be able to love more and more. Whereas ,with time, the body diminishes.

In the preparation of Advent let us be filled with joy for the coming of Christ. Let us be bold and ask for many graces. Let us be filled with Him as He is ALWAYS available for each one of us.

Rise to the challenge!

This week, try and take a moment (maybe before the Blessed Sacrament), to become a beloved son or daughter of God. Remind yourself that you are the beloved of the Father, and like Jesus the well beloved Son. With Jesus turn your eyes to the Father who is YOUR Father,

With Him, let yourself be fulfilled,

With Him, let yourself be filled with Love,

By imitating,

He, who is fully united.

A little extra!

Have a look at this video! "Why God created mankind"!

Let us pray

Let us listen to Jesus through the mouth of Saint Germain, Patriarch of Constantinople

Adam, where are you?

I have come here to find you

And in order to find you,

I stretched out my arms on the Cross.

With arms stretched out, I turn to the Father

To give thanks because I have found you,

Then I turn my arms towards you

So that I can kiss you.

I did not come to judge you,

But to save you with my love for humanity;

I did not come to curse you for your


but to bless you with my obedience.

I will protect you with my wings,

Where you will find refuge.

At the shadow of death,

I will look for you in the darkness,

I will have no rest until

I come to find you in hell

Because of humiliation and  

I will escort you back to Heaven.

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer everyone. Col 4:6