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DAY 7 : let's pray for the children and the youth

From the Gospel: 

Then small children were brought to him so that he should impose hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples pushed them back. And Jesus said: Let the small children, and do not prevent them from coming to me; because the kingdom of Heaven is for those who resemble them. He imposed hands on them, and he left from there. (Mt 19, 13-15)

Saint Anne's life:

From the youth of Saint Anne, we don't know much. Mary of Agreda mentions a pious, virtuous girl, hardworking, as comfortable in action as in contemplation. Faith, hope, and charity were cultivated to a supreme degree. She continually asked God to hasten the coming of the Messiah. Little did she know that she would become the Messiah's grandmother! If we transpose Anne's story to modern days, it becomes clear that God is at work in today's children and youth, preparing the apostles of tomorrow. 

The Church's teaching:

You, the youth, are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. For each one of you, home is a private place where you love and are loved. Your parent called you to life, and wish to guide you in your growth. Know how to thank them and thank the Lord! Even during hardship, be aware that your parents only mean your happiness, but access to happiness has requirements! Like your parents, you are responsible for the family life and it happening in a peaceful atmosphere, allowing to each one enough space to give the best of themselves and to thrive. 

As we previously heard, when children become aware of spiritual life and start wondering about God, parents go back to church and retrieve the faith that slowly disappeared. The Lord works wonder by the means of children, and allots everyone, within the family, an evangelization task. Several testimonies relate that families have a prayer space which children enjoy decorating, where they like going to meet Jesus in silence. I am happy that you granted Christ and Mary a special place within your homes. 

Speech of John Paul II to young couples and their children in St. Anne d'Auray, September 20th, 1996, §8

Let us pray:

On this day, O Saint Anne, we lift up in our prayers the youth and the children: take them on your knees, and whisper in their ears the prayers you whispered to Mary. With you, they will discover that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them and blesses them for all eternity. Teach them the Word of God so they may confront the world of tomorrow with courage and boldness, and answer the challenge of their generation in all holiness. May they stand in honor in the glory of God! Amen. 

Saint Anne, we pray you,

Be the guard

Of faith in our hearts,

Of grace in our souls,

Of the solidity of our homes

Of love in our family

Of reconciliation in the Church

Of peace in the world.

Keep alive in us

The virtue of hope.

Conclusion prayer:

Short version:

  • One Our Father, one Hail Mary, One Glory Be.
  • Say once “St. Anne, pray for us and our families.”

Longer version:

  • A rosary decade, or even a full rosary (five decades).
  • “St. Anne, pray for us and our families.”

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)

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