Day thirty-two - The supreme grace of Joy

Day thirty-two - The supreme grace of Joy

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the final day of our retreat. Today's topic is about the supreme grace, the grace of Joy.

Mary's grace is a promise of joy. Father Lamy irradiated joy all through his life, despite the trials and the obstacles. Each difficulty will be turned into an opportunity to grow; everything will tell the story of Heaven!

Before we close this retreat, let us take with us one last image, from chapter 62 of Isaiah's book: we can read in there the extraordinary love of God for Church, this true love, this freeing love, that will make us grow by giving ourselves to the others. By knowing that God loves us, we fear nothing anymore. 

Let us live in this dependency of Heaven, let us stay tuned on Jesus' frequency, let us discover the presence of God in each of His Creatures: this is the path that Mary, Refuge of Sinners, wishes to show us. It's the Hope of the forgiven sinner, who will see him/herself in a new light, the light of the loving gaze of the Lord.

Let us pray:

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Artwork: The Sea Star, by Lawrence Klimecki.

Closing words:

Dear friends,

I hope that you enjoyed this retreat as much as I have. Although it was a challenge for me to translate it and adapt it to an English-speaking audience, I loved creating daily content for you and walking alongside each one of you on Mary's path for this last month. I am confident that you learned a lot from our Mother Mary! I know I did! Please share in the comments sections on how this retreat impacted you, what you liked, what you liked less, and how I may prepare a better content for our upcoming prayer communities. 

I thank you for being part of such a wonderful community. I also thank the Servants of Jesus and Mary, the Congregation of Father Lamy, for permitting me to translate their work. May our tender Mother Mary watch over you all and keep you in Her grace. 

I will leave you with two quotes from Father Lamy:

“Our Blessed Lady told me that many souls escape Hell through her intercession. She often obtains the grace of repentance for a soul when it is just leaving the body. In that moment of extremity, she obtains for the soul a feeling of love of God, a feeling of repentance.”

“Our Lady offers our prayers to God; she beautifies them; she makes them [more] pleasing in His sight… The recitation of the Rosary – that is what Lucifer hates.”

Until we meet again,

United in prayer,

- Danielle. 

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)


Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer everyone. Col 4:6


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