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How to Prepare for the Feast of Divine Mercy

How to Prepare for the Feast of Divine Mercy

How to Prepare for the Feast of Divine Mercy

The second Sunday following the feast of the resurrection of Christ, the Catholic Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday. This feast is an opportunity for every faithful to immerse themselves in the infinite mercy of Christ who, through His death and resurrection, opens the gates of eternal life for us! Novena, sacraments… Discover how to spiritually prepare for the Feast of Divine Mercy and seize the abundant graces that Jesus promises us!

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Pray a Preparatory Novena

Jesus' Request

If the Catholic Church encourages us to spiritually prepare in the days leading up to the Feast of Divine Mercy, it is primarily because it is a clear request from Jesus to Saint Faustina: "I desire that for nine days you bring souls to the source of my mercy so that they may draw strength and refreshment as well as all the graces they need in the difficulties of life and especially at the hour of death." (Small Diary, paragraph 1209) By these words, Jesus invites us to undertake a preparatory novena offered to lead souls to the source of His mercy: “Each day you will bring a different group of souls to My Heart and immerse them in the ocean of My mercy. And I will bring all these souls into the dwelling of My Father."

Flow of the Novena

The novena involves reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet for nine consecutive days. It begins on Good Friday and continues until the following Easter Saturday. Each day of the novena, we are invited to pray for a different group of souls. Thus, at the end of the novena, we will have prayed for all humanity.

  • Good Friday: pray for the entire humanity, the souls of sinners
  • Holy Saturday: pray for priestly and religious souls
  • Easter Sunday: pray for devout and faithful souls
  • Easter Monday: pray for the souls of pagans and those who do not yet know Jesus
  • Easter Tuesday: pray for the souls of heretics and apostates
  • Easter Wednesday: pray for gentle and humble souls and the souls of little children
  • Easter Thursday: pray for souls that honor and glorify Jesus' mercy particularly
  • Easter Friday: pray for the souls in purgatory
  • Easter Saturday: pray for lukewarm souls (Find in our prayer guide the words of the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer.)

Sanctify Through the Sacraments

Jesus’ Addition

Jesus adds, “Every soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion will obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.” Therefore, in order to properly prepare, each person is called to:

  • Confess
  • Receive Holy Communion in order to be in a state that opens us to sanctifying grace.

Starting spiritual preparation for the Feast of Divine Mercy means personally journeying towards the Merciful Christ to feel His immense love for us.

Practice Mercy and Fraternal Charity

We are also asked to be merciful towards others through deeds, words, or prayer. We can thus:

Prepare for the Feast of Divine Mercy with Hozana!

Preparing for the Feast of Divine Mercy means calling out to Christ, “Jesus, I trust in You!” and entrusting our lives to Him with the certainty that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28). It also means showing mercy to our neighbor by entrusting souls to the Merciful Christ and bearing witness to His love, filled with compassion for each one of us.

Follow Hozana's prayer suggestions to live this preparatory time in trust and joy! Pray for the spread of the cult of Divine Mercy!