Novena to St. Mary Magdalene

A great novena to give us the opportunity to form ourselves in the school of Mary Magdalene and to become with her, true missionary disciples with an ardent heart and full of daring.


From being a "Sinner" to being "the Apostle of the Apostles”

Presentation of the Novena

Since she is the apostle to the apostles, Pope Francis has declared that the feast of Saint Mary Magdalene should be celebrated with as much devotion and importance as all the other apostles! What a great opportunity for us! 

It seemed obvious to us to celebrate this beautiful saint, to write a great novena to her and to give her the place she deserves in the Church.

Mary Magdalene was the first to see the risen Christ and the first to proclaim it. She is a treasure for us, an exceptional figure to help us grow in Faith... She worked passionately for the development of Christianity. 

It seems essential to us today to bring her to the forefront, especially here in France where, according to tradition, she lived her last years. She is buried in the basilica at St Maximin la Sainte Baume, Southern France: the third tomb of Christianity. What a marvel!

Mary Magdalene, our great sister in Christ, gives us the perfect example of a missionary disciple according to Pope Francis' expression. Saint John Paul II even called her the apostle of apostles. So how can we pass up this opportunity to discover this superb missionary figure? And we can see that in recent years her reputation as a sinner has been gradually left to one side in favor of her being recognized as Christ's missionary! This is a real opportunity for our Church, one that we must seize.

We propose 9 days for you to discover Mary Magdalene, 9 days to follow in her footsteps and to let her accompany us in our life of discipleship.

Indeed, through this beautiful novena we will ask her to intercede for us so that the Holy Spirit may shower us with all his graces and especially those necessary for announcing the Mission.  

For us, these 9 days will be the occasion to form ourselves at the school of Mary Magdalene and to become with her, true missionary disciples with burning hearts and full of audacity. To help us, this great Saint, bathed in the Holy Spirit, will guide us and lead us progressively to the Heart burning with love for her Rabbouni: the Sacred Heart of Jesus: the Source of all Love and Life, the Open Door of Charity for us all.

Wishing you a very beautiful companionship with Mary Magdalene.

Program for the Novena

Mary Magdalene, From being a "sinner" to being "the apostle of the apostles”!

(Mary Magdalene as a missionary disciple)

  • Day 1: Mary Magdalene's identity as a child of God
  • Day 2: Intimacy with Christ
  • Day 3: Mary Magdalene's Intercession
  • Day 4: Mary Magdalene: a prophet
  • Day 5: Experiencing Suffering with Jesus: an Offering!
  • Day 6: Accepting Doubt, God's Silence
  • Day 7: Trust: Joy and Peace
  • Day 8: Mary Magdalene "the Apostle of the Apostles”
  • Day 9: In Union with Jesus' Heart

Each day's format

Song (your choice)

Biblical phrase


Personal Reflection


Today's Challenge

Who are we? 

Marie-Bénédicte Swartz-Oriou, initiator and organizer of a digital Living Rosary

Like Blessed Pauline Jaricot, the mission of announcing the Kingdom of God is rooted in my heart. Inspired by her life and work, and just as convinced of the need to include the Virgin Mary in this evangelizing dynamic as of the undeniable strength of the prayer of the rosary, I was led, during the second lockdown, to create a Living Rosary.

Limited by health measures, the digital mode seemed obvious and I resolved to create a Living Rosary via WhatsApp.

The Living Rosary community is currently made up of over 40 inspiring women from all walks of life and different parishes, who intercede for the world, the intentions of the Pope, our bishops, our parishes, our families and friends and for all the sick people entrusted to them.

I decided to ask the Virgin Mary to take the lead in this Living Rosary. And in her great gentleness and tenderness, she goes before us.

All the women who pray in this Living Rosary are so blessed for all the graces received and all the healings offered by Jesus. Through the daily recitation and weekly meditation of a mystery, each one lives and experiences what St Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort advocated "To Jesus through Mary"...

We thank God for the many fruits of this prayer of the Rosary. Indeed, one of these fruits has been that we have been guided by the Virgin Mary to St Mary Magdalene.

Several of us received this invitation and followed the call. We then discovered with new eyes this great missionary figure, this great sister in faith that she is for us. Thank you Mary for this treasure offered to us on our journey of missionary discipleship.

The Virgin Mary, St Mary Magdalene and Blessed Pauline Jaricot accompany our little community and this companionship is a great joy for us.

Do not hesitate to join us if you feel the call or to create a digital Living Rosary yourself. And, if you wish, I would be happy to help you in this process.

"To Jesus, through Mary" with Mary Magdalene: wishing you a lovely novena!

Prayer from the novena

Mary Magdalena

Dear Mary Magdalene, You have been forgiven by your sweet Savior, You have listened and contemplated your Beloved so much, Take me to the heart of your Master, our Lord, and show me the way of true compassion. You followed Jesus of Nazareth to be taught, to love him more and to serve him every day, Teach me to love the Lord with all my heart and to offer myself to Him. Mary Magdalene, your humble and pure heart and your tears of compassion moved the Heart of Christ, Teach me to be an intercessor of fire and love shining for all my brothers and sisters. You were there at the foot of the Cross of Jesus with the Virgin Mary and John, the "beloved" disciple; Obtain for me the grace of a firm Faith and of Hope when undergoing ordeals. You came to the Tomb out of love, You were the first to see the Risen Christ in His glory, Help me to believe that life is stronger than death and that love conquers all, Bathed in the Holy Spirit, you dared accept the mission to announce his Resurrection, Grant that I may grow in the Mission and become a zealous and daring missionary disciple, totally united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen