Pentecost Novena

We pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our world during this 9 Day Pentecost Novena; with a particular intentionality as the world struggles to recover from the pandemic.


Dear Friends: 

You are invited to pray daily during this 9 Day Novena as we prepare our hearts for Pentecost. Join us as we pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon each of us and our world that groans in deep longing for God. As the world continues to grapple with the ravaging affects of the pandemic, let us lift our hearts in supplication to pray for healing throughout the world. Let us pray together that we may experience a renewal of the baptism fire in our hearts, our lives, and in our world so we may manifest our Lord Jesus Christ in a most renewed and profound way.  Come Holy Spirit! Renew the face of the earth! 

Each day for 9 days you will receive: 

1. An Intention of the day for our Novena

2. The Gospel reading of the Day

3. A short Reflection & Meditation 

4. A personal grace to ask for each day of the Novena

5. The Closing Prayer 

Day 1: For our world, in this ongoing struggle of the pandemic. For the leaders of all nations and for those working to bring healing to the world. Come Holy Spirit.  

Day 2: For the global poor, the sick, the suffering, the dying and all of those who will die alone this day in the farthest and most remote corners of our world.  Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 3: For victims of human trafficking, addictions, prostitution, all those exploited and abused. Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 4: For those most forgotten in prisons and isolated alone, despaired, and have no one to pray for them. Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 5: For the homeless, the hungry, the marginalized, the “lepers” of this world that are reviled and ignored. Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 6: For the aged, especially those alone and suffering and for those who care for them. Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 7: For the smallest and most vulnerable, especially the unborn and all mothers carrying life within them. Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 8: For the Church, for the Pope, the Bishops, priests and all clergy and laity and for a renewal in our Church. Come Holy Spirit. 

Day 9: For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this world in a most profound way; for the healing of hearts and healing of this world. For continued healing from the pandemic. For each of us, that we may be transformed to be Christ to those most in need. Come Holy Spirit. 

*All photos are taken from Free Photo images at Pixabay, with the exception of the final picture on Pentecost Sunday. Permission was secured by the artist for use of this image. 

Prayer from the novena

Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit, enkindle the hearts and minds of all people throughout the world, the sick, the suffering, the forgotten, the abandoned, the rejected, those who reject you, all leaders and nations. Come Oh most Holy Spirit, we beg you to enkindle all of your people with the fire of your love, to send forth your Spirit and renew the face of this earth. Amen.