My Month With Mary

The month of May is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Let's pray to her each day with wisdom from the saints, reflections, and a daily Consecration to Mary.


During the Month of Mary, let's take the opportunity to become closer to our Mother by praying to her daily and drawing inspiration from the saints who loved her.

Every day receive:
1. A quote from a saint on Mary
2. A reflection to ponder
3. A resolution to make in order to grow in holiness
4. A prayer of Consecration to Mary
5. A prayer to Our Lady

Throughout the month of May, let us take a few moments to pray for one or more intentions left by others on this page of intentions entrusted to Our Lady.

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Prayer from the retreat

Daily Consecration to the Blessed Virgin

My Queen and my Mother, I give myself entirely to you, and, in proof of my affection, I give you my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my heart, my whole being without reserve. Since I am your own, keep me and guard me as your property and possession. Amen.

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