Novena with Newman

All over the world, people are preparing to celebrate the canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman on the 13th of October. Become a link in the chain and join this novena starting the 4th!

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John Henry Newman is the first recognised English saint in 300 years.

'As the sun’s light comes to us reflected and refracted, so God’s saints are the means under which His glory comes to us.'

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Why a novena? 

This is a time of special grace for us to join together and form links in a great chain of prayer, where we call upon the soon-to-be-Saint to crown our prayers with his intercession in heaven.

We encourage you to form links in that chain by joining in our Novena with Newman - nine days of prayerful preparation for the canonisation, starting on Friday 4th October and finishing on Saturday 12th October on the eve of the canonisation.

I would say these three elements: the modernity of his existence, with all the doubts and problems of our existence today, his great culture, knowledge of the great cultural treasures of mankind, his constant quest for the truth, continuous renewal and spirituality: spiritual life, life with God, give this man an exceptional greatness for our time. Therefore, he is a figure of Doctor of the Church for us, for all, and also a bridge between Anglicans and Catholics. Pope Benedict XVI, 16 September 2010, Press Conference on plane to Britain

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Prayer from the novena

Novena Prayer

O God our heavenly Father, we offer You heartfelt thanks for the life and holiness of John Henry Newman. In him You give us an inspiring example of priest and teacher, heroic and humble in his labour for the salvation of souls and the pursuit of holiness. Through his intercession we ask You to lead us by the kindly light of the Holy Spirit, and so grant us peace and joy, in the one fold of the Redeemer. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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