Novena to Saint Mary Magdalene to love Jesus

In the grace of Jesus with Mary Magdalene! Receive 9 meditations to discover Mary Magdalene, her life, her conversion and her Love story with Jesus!


The Sainte-Baume community offers a series of 9 Gospels and meditations to discover Mary-Magdalene, her life, her conversion and her love story with Jesus! Mary Magdalene shows us how to love Jesus and her story is a testimony that the Love of Jesus only can fulfil us. Following her example, you'll soon be in the grace of Jesus.

Who was Saint Mary Magdalene?

A sinful woman converted by Christ, raised by the grace of the risen Christ, she became the Apostle to the Apostles.

This woman is the one from whom Christ had cast seven demons. Once purified, she becomes with the twelve and a few other women a disciple of Jesus Christ, our Lord. She is one of the few disciples standing at the foot of the cross, pouring all her tears out to the one who offers himself on the wood of the cross. On Easter morning, Saint Mary Magdalene recognizes in the gardener the risen Christ. He asks her to tell his Apostles that He is risen, which is why she is referred to as "the apostle of the apostles".

According to legend, shortly after, Mary Magdalene embarks with her brother Lazarus and her sister Martha for the west. She arrives in the town now called “Saintes Maries de la Mer” in Provence, France. She goes with Lazarus to Marseille. She follows eastwards the course of the Huveaune river and settles in “La Sainte-Baume” to spend the last thirty years of her life there. She offers up her life in sacrifice for the conversion of sinners. A major Christian pilgrimage site in Provence, La Sainte-Baume is called "the rock of mercy" ("Roc de la miséricorde".)

Were "the forgiven sinner" and "Mary of Bethany" the same person, Mary Magdalene?

Ever since Saint Gregory the Great (VIth century), doctors and fathers of the Church have seen in the forgiven sinner (Lk 7, 36-50) and Mary of Bethany (Lk 10: 38-42; Jn 11: 1-43; Jn 12: 1-11) a single woman, Mary Magdalene.

The unity of the character can certainly be disputed but considered in this unity, she amazes us by the spiritual path she invites us to live.

Graces to ask for:

With Saint Mary-Magdalene, be eager to ask for:

  • The grace of prayer: in order to experience God's presence in the innermost depth of your heart 

  • The grace of conversion: let God shape your heart and be reconciled with Him, let Him strengthen you.

  • The grace of preaching: may the joy of the treasure you received give you the joy to proclaim God's marvels.

Programme of this novena:

  • Day 1 - the forgiven sinner 

  • day 2 - in the footsteps of Christ

  • day 3 - contemplation: Martha and Mary 

  • day 4 - friendship: the resurrection of Lazarus 

  • day 5 - worship: the unction at Bethany 

  • day 6 - at the foot of the cross 

  • day 7 - the burial of Christ 

  • day 8 - the Resurrection of Christ 

  • day 9 - the Apostle of the Apostles

Prayer from the novena

Prayer of a penitent

Saint Mary Magdalene, you who obtained the forgiveness of Jesus for all your sins, you who assisted Him up to His dying breath at the foot of the cross, you who were the first one to witness His resurrection and the first proclamation of pascal joy, I beg you to hear my prayer. Intercede for me to our Lord Jesus Christ so that He grants me His forgiveness for all my sins, my doubts, my lack of kindness and charity towards those close to me and all those whom I approach, and for all my errors committed voluntarily or involuntarily. Now that you are beside Jesus, do not abandon me in my distress. Through your intercession, may the Lord grant me absolution, and may I find serenity, peace of the heart, the soul and the spirit.

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