Nine days of Prayer with Edith Stein

Pray with St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a Jewish-born Carmelite who converted after reading St.Teresa of Avila.

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You will progressively discover Edith Stein, or St. Teresa-Benedicta of the Cross as she became known later in her life. She is a beautiful example of holiness in the 20th century, whom Pope John-Paul II canonized on October 11th, 1998. She shared the persecution of her people by offering her very self by her martyrdom for Christ. 

During this novena, you will walk along her side in holiness.

You will receive:

  • Day 1 through Day 5:

Excerpts from the life of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and texts she wrote.

  • Day 6 through Day 9:

Excerpts introducing you to her spirituality, and prayers of her writing. 

Where do these texts come from?

These texts were written (such as biography and meditations) or selected (prayers) by Brother Christof Betschart, O.C.D.and translated by Hozana's volunteers. 

These texts are the core of the book about Saint Teresa-Benedicta of the Cross, edited by CSNT (Connaissance des Saints de notre temps - Knowledge of the Saints of our times), and available free of charge.  

CSNT researches contemporary saints (ordained, consecrated or lay individuals) to make them known and to help people of good will grow in holiness by following the example of these saints, whose temporal proximity renders particularly touching and inspiring. 

Invite those around you!

Please invite your friends and acquaintances to share this novena and grow in holiness at the school of St.Teresa Benedicta of the Cross!

August 9th is the day the Church celebrates her Feast Dqy!

Prayer from the novena

Prayer addressed to St.Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Living God, God of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob, you have blessed St.Teresa Benedicta of the Cross with gifts of the Spirit and the Heart to bring her to the knowledge of your crucified Son and called her to follow Him until death; Grant that all men recognize the salvation in the Crucified and thus arrive at the vision of Your Glory. Through Jesus Christ, your Son our Lord and our God, who reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen

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