9 Joyful Days with Saint Clare of Assisi

Let us ask for St. Clare of Assisi's intercession during this novena to help us grow spiritually, in joy and happiness, under the shadow of Jesus.

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May you go forward securely, joyfully, and swiftly, on the path of prudent happiness."
- Saint Clare of Assisi, 2nd letter to Agnes of Prague

This Novena to Saint Clare of Assisi was put together by the Poor Clares of the Arras Monastery (Northern France) to help you grow spiritually, joyfully and swiftly on the path of happiness!

Every Day You Will Receive:

  1. An excerpt of a Psalm sung during Daily Mass,
  2. A story from the life of Saint Clare,
  3. A meditation and a small prayer,
  4. Some advice you can apply in your life,
  5. And the blessing of Saint Clare!


Day 1: Contemplate Him.

Day 2: Desire The Lord's Spirit Above All Things 

Day 3: Sanctify Time.

Day 4: Praise Your Creator.

Day 5: Let Him Transform You

Day 6: Live the Eucharist.

Day 7: Let Him Purify You.

Day 8: Choose Poverty.

Day 9: Give Thanks to God for Your LIFE!

Prayer from the novena

St. Clare's Blessing

I bless you in my life and after my death as much as I can and more than I can. With all the blessings with which the Father of mercies has and will have blessed His sons and daughters in heaven and on earth, and a spiritual father and mother have blessed and bless their spiritual sons and daughters. Always be lovers of God and your souls and the souls of your Sisters, and always be eager to observe what you have promised the Lord. May the Lord be with you always and, wherever you are, may you be with Him always. Amen.

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