May, the Month of Mary

Dedicate this month to Mary by contemplating the flowers of the earth and Our Lady's virtues, with the help of the Discalced Carmelite mystic, Blessed. Francisco Palau (1811 – 1872).


No one better than Mary could take care of the garden of our soul; she would be our gardener. Predestined by the fullness of grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit, Mary possessed all the virtues to a very extraordinary degree, superior to that of all the angels and all men together; and for this reason she was chosen Mother of God

Surrender today to Our Lady the keys of your heart; give to her the garden of your soul, and entrust it to her maternal solicitude and care, each and every day this month in order to grow in virtue.

What is virtue asks BLD. Palau?

This is the first question that asks for an explanation. Practice it, love it, search for it, and it will be revealed and unveiled to you by the same love: love it and you will recognise it.

Based on FRANCISCO PALAU Writings, Month of Mary, Editorial Monte Carmelo, Burgos, 2006.

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Prayer from the retreat

Dedication of the Month of Mary by Blessed Francisco Palau

Dear Lady, prostrated at your feet, we dedicate this month to the formation of the great crown that fills you with immense glory in heaven and on earth. We would put on this holy circle, flowers and clothe them on these days with virtues that we promise to practice. It is the greatest offering that you ask of us, your children and which we are going to give you, with your loving and gracious help Amen.