Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal I ask you for a MIRACLE!

9 days to ask Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal for a MIRACLE in your life! In this novena, discover the inspiring life of Saint Catherine Labouré, who met Our Lady!


On November 27th we will celebrate Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal! On this occasion, pray this novena and place your prayer intention in the hands of Our Lady on this dedicated page!

Novena programme

Each day of the novena you will receive a podcast about the life of Saint Catherine Labouré and a prayer. On the last day of the novena you will receive a guided prayer.

The Miraculous Medal in brief

The Miraculous Medal is one of the best known and most worn medals of the Virgin Mary in the world. It is also called the Miraculous Medal of the Rue du Bac because its history began in this historic chapel of the Daughters of Charity in the heart of Paris. In 1830, the Blessed Virgin appeared to a novice and asked her to strike a medal in her name. This was the beginning of a worldwide success. Every year, more than two million visitors come to the chapel at 140 rue du Bac in Paris.

Catherine Labouré and the chapel on Rue du Bac in Paris

To understand the history of the miraculous medal, we must go back to the 19th century and follow the journey of a young novice, Catherine Labouré. Catherine was born on 2 May 1806 in Fain-les-Moutiers. As a child, she worked on the family farm. When she was orphaned, she joined the congregation of the Sisters of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, also known as the Daughters of Charity, on rue du Bac in Paris.

It was in this chapel that the Virgin appeared to her for the first time on the evening of 18 July 1830. Awakened by a child who urged her to go to the convent chapel, Catherine went there. The Virgin soon appeared and said to her: "My child, the good Lord wants to give you a mission. Your task will be delicate and difficult.

The days passed. The Virgin did not appear again, and it was not until the following 27 November that Catherine had another apparition: while she was praying in the chapel, she saw two pictures above the altar, each one representing the face of a medal to be engraved. The Virgin spoke to her and said: "Have a medal engraved on this model. Graces will abound for those who wear it with confidence.

Why is the medal miraculous?

To understand what happens next, we need to look at the historical context. It was 1832. France is hit by a cholera epidemic. Paris was devastated. Catherine's confessor obtained permission from the bishop to mint medals for distribution.  The Daughters of Charity distributed the famous medal, then called the Holy Medal, and miracles began to happen. The medal became Miraculous. During the cholera pandemic, the sisters used the medal. It was these miracles of healing from cholera that attracted attention. In fact, the sisters did not get cholera... they went there wearing the medal!

Two years later, in 1834, more than 500,000 medals were distributed. Its fame became worldwide. The faithful adopted this medal as a way of placing themselves under the protection of the Virgin Mary. In 10 years, 100 million medals were struck and distributed throughout Europe. In 1876, the number of medals passed the one billion mark.  On 27 July 1947, Catherine Labourée was canonised by Pope Pius XII, 70 years after her death.

Today in the chapel, there are 2118 ex-votos of graces obtained thanks to the medal...

Source: Marmottine medals website

To have an authentic Miraculous Medal, blessed at the Shrine and given free of charge, send a letter containing a stamped envelope (a stamp with suffcient value to be sent back to your country) with your address for the reply to:                                                                                                                                                                         Association of the Miraculous Medal - 95 rue de Sèvres - 75006 Paris - France 

A beautiful novena to all!

Prayer from the novena

Prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal through the intercession of Saint Catherine Labouré

"O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our mother, with the greatest confidence in your powerful intercession, so many times manifested by means of your miraculous medal, we humbly beg you to obtain for us the graces we ask of you through this novena." "O Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, who appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré in the attitude of Mediatrix of the whole world and of each soul in particular, we place our supplications in your hands and entrust them to your heart. May you present them to your divine Son and grant them if they are in conformity with the divine will and useful to our souls. And, having raised your supplicating hands to God, lower them upon us and envelop us with the rays of your graces, enlightening our minds and purifying our hearts, so that, under your guidance, we may one day reach blessed eternity. Amen."