For studies or for mental health with St. Joseph of Cupertino

Join us for 9 days of prayer with Saint Joseph of Cupertino, patron of studying 📚, flying ✈️, aviators, and those who are suffering from mental health difficulties. St. Joseph, pray for us!

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Looking for some help in your work or studies?
Struggling with something in your life?
Let St. Joseph of Cupertino give you a hand!

Saint Joseph of Cupertino was an Italian Franciscan friar who lived from 1603-1663. He is known for being remarkably clever, and for miraculously levitating, caught up in ecstatic spiritual visions! He started having visions as a child, and this continued through his life, even though he was often scorned because of it. As a priest, he would sometimes levitate while celebrating Mass or praying with his fellow Franciscan friars. 

Because of his intelligence, he is the patron saint of studying 📚. He once asked God to only put questions on his exams that he would be able to answer well! Because of his miraculous levitations, he is also the patron saint of flying and aviators ✈️. Finally, as he experienced rejection and misunderstanding from his peers, he is likewise the patron saint of those who suffer because of mental health difficulties.

Pray this simple novena to Saint Joseph Cupertino for help in your studies or any struggles you may be experiencing in life! Entrust your intentions to God through the intercession of this holy friar. 

This novena may not cause you to levitate but it will hopefully lift your mind and heart closer to God! ❤️

Each day you'll receive:

🙏 Intro Prayer
🕊️ Special Prayer for Each Day
🙏 Concluding Prayer

(Novena courtesy of "Pray Catholic Novenas"; Painting of Saint Joseph of Cupertino lifted up seeing the Holy House of Loreto by Ludovico Mazzanti)

Prayer from the novena

Prayer for the feast of St. Joseph of Cupertino

O God, You ordained that Your only-begotten Son should be lifted up above the earth and draw all things to Himself; mercifully grant that, through the merits and example of Your seraphic confessor Joseph, we may be lifted up above all earthly desires and be found worthy to come to Him, who being God, lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.