Prayer to Our Lady of The Americas

Many devotions have been created in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe since the day she appeared to St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on Tepeyac Hill, 1531. The image of the Virgin Mary that was imprinted on the cloak (tilma) of the young aztec priest portrays a gentle and motherly Lady with dark skin. Our Lady of Guadalupe has been declared the patron saint of Latin America: prayers are addressed to Her to ask for peace among nations, and for the protection of native populations

Prayer to Mary, Mother of The Americas 

“O Holy Virgin, Patron of the continent of Hope: Latin America

You know this world is torn by war, indifference and injustice; you know that some people live abundantly, while others die of hunger

Intercede before your Son, so that the youth may be granted a universal heart and a universal eye to leave their country and to serve others,

May they follow Your example, give themselves fully to the Lord and help the poorest.

May they live to announce to every race and every nation the Good News of the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of fraternity, justice and peace.

May they create a New World, where we live in solidarity with one another.

And may God, Our Father, hear our prayers.


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