Praying for Our Fathers along with St. Joseph!

During this novena, we will pray for our dads: may they be inspired by Joseph's virtues!

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    A father is someone who received a very particular assignment from the Lord: to welcome and raise in faith every child God blesses him with. What a great sign of confidence! What a project of love! But also, what a huge responsibility!

    During this novena, I will commit to praying to St. Joseph, the Prince of Fathers, while reflecting on each of his major virtues: fairness, chastity, prudence, courage, obedience, fidelity, and patience.  

    Joseph received the immense privilege to be the foster-father of our Lord Jesus. Today, fathers are in dire need of a role model,  on both a spiritual and a day-to-day level. Fathers need someone who will assist them in carrying out their mission successfully, and in enduring faithfully the trials affecting their children's lives (rejection, failure, illness, death…)

    Every day, we will meditate on one of Joseph's virtues, with the help of a text, a picture, or a video illustrating the virtue in question. You are welcome to share with us your experiences with a father that impacted your life.

    To end this novena, I will teach you a special prayer that you can recite every day, but especially on Father's day!

    Here is the novena schedule:

    Day one: Justice

    Day two: Chastity

    Day three: Prudence

    Day four: Courage

    Day five: Obedience

    Day six: Fidelity

    Day seven: Patience

    Day eight: Humility

    Day nine: Let's celebrate our fathers!

    Oração da novena

    Hail Joseph

    Hail Joseph, full of grace. The Lord rested in your arms and grew up in front of you. Blessed art thou amongst all men and blessed is the divine Child of your virginal wife, Jesus. Saint Joseph, as being the father of the Son of God, pray for us at the time of our family, health and work worries until our last days and deign to rescue us at the hour of our death. Amen.

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