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Carmes de Paris

Carmes de Paris in Advent 2019 with Saint Joseph

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Epiphany: Thanksgiving to the Lord

Epiphany: Thanksgiving to the Lord

"Where is the King of the Jews whose birth has now taken place ? 

We have seen his star in the east and have come to give him worship." (Matthew 2,2)

We wish you a beautiful feast of Epiphany and a holy year 2020! Many of you have shared with us your testimonies of graces received during this retreat with Saint Joseph and we thank you for that.

Today, like as the Three Wise Men , we stand close to the Child Jesus to worship him.

Here are the testimonials and extracts of the fruits experienced,  during the retreat:

"May the joy of the Savior's birth enlighten our daily lives, and may we have the courage to radiate this joy and hope to all our brothers and sisters. Thank you to the Brothers for the simplicity of their messages. Merry and Holy Christmas to all."

"Beautiful and dense entrance into the mystery of Advent and Christmas. Joseph became closer to me, someone who lives simply and who really decides to trust, a real message for my journey."

"It was truly a joy to be able to walk with St Joseph our great protector."

"This retreat has been a great grace for me. I got closer to St. Joseph and also to Father Marie-Eugène, whose magnificent testimony I bought from him in his book 'I want to see God'. A big thank you to the entire team that I do not forget in my prayers."


"This retreat under the patronage of Saint Joseph has allowed to me to get closer to my own family (my wife and daughter) in these times when the" ever faster" dominates. We lost a loved one during the retreat. Prayer to Our Lady the Virgin and the Holy Family helped us a lot. Thank you very much."

"Living the expectation of Christmas with St.Joseph in the trust attitude of entrusting his daily life into the hands of God who provides in all circumstances was a great grace. Thanks to a more or less peaceful journey , but which has put all events lived  in their rightful place and thanks to the beautiful Christmas night, God with us. THANK YOU. "

"A simple and great thank you bringing joy, hope, peace and FAITH.

Merry Christmas, fraternally ».

"A big thank you for making me know St. Joseph at its true value! It seemed like he had always been so aresed in the history of the Nativity and until his death. Basically it allowed me to reflect on all those volunteers who work in the shadows and often anonymously in the service of God by helping humans in need! You helped me to discover the great importance of  our Lord Jesus 's adoptive father! Thanks you again !"

"This year St Joseph has chosen me to become his friend through various communities in Hozana. I trust Him because I have great health problems all year long. "

"Simply THANK YOU for your zeal in relaying the immense project of love and the plan that our Lord has for his creatures. The light of the Saints and Blessed who have preceded us helps me to recognize in me certain traits and / or qualities that I have received to order to better exploit them. We are all unique and the harmony of our differences is essential to the constitution of the body of the Church: Like each cell of our body, the smallest of us has a unique and indispensable place for the constitution and balance of this body. At the dawn of the new year, may all women and all men be convinced of their investimable value in the eyes of God. brotherly "

Poem of Mary Magdalene : (translated from french)

I'm sure you know it :

The 2nd person of the Holy Trinity

has become a tiny egg cell,

and embryo and fetus to be born

in the middle of the night,

a December 25th.

But admit it is hardly believable !

Yes, hardly believable but true !

I'm sure you know it :

Marie, a virgin

who receives the visit of an angel,

who simply announces her

that she will be the mother of a child,

without knowing any relation with  a man,

and she says "yes, fiat".

But admit it is hardly believable !

Yes, hardly believable but true !

I'm sure you know it:

Joseph, a fair man,

who in difficult situations

trust the dreams he receives,

and who, without asking for an explanation,

obeys, sets out, exiles even to Egypt,

To protect, Marie and her Child Jesus.

But admit it, it is hardly believable!

Yes, hardly believable but true !

I really hope you know it :


women and men,

Believe that there is nothing impossible for God,

His presence in the Eucharist,

Admit it is hardly believable

Yes, hardly credible but true !

I really wish you

To discover all the "hardly believable"

that marks your own life,

When you put yourself entirely in the hands of the Lord !

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)

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