Day Nine - The Separation - Hozana

Providencia in Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

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Day Nine - The Separation

Day Nine - The Separation

Daily verse:

As for you, because of the blood of my covenant with you, I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit. - Zechariah 9,11


On this ninth and last day of the Novena, let us recall one last time the manifold sufferings of the Holy Soul in Purgatory: the grief, the sadness, the darkness, the uncertainty... However, there is a greater sorrow: being separated from God and deprived of His Beatific Vision. 

Lord, we were indifferent to You, Your grace and Your love. Deliver us from sin. 



Let us commend to Jesus Christ and His holy Mother the souls in Purgatory, in particular those of our relatives, benefactors, friends, and enemies; especially those for whom we are bound to pray; and let us offer the following considerations and prayers for them, pondering over the great sufferings which these spouses of Christ endure.

O my God! how was it possible that I, for so many years, have borne tranquilly the separation from Thee and Thy holy grace! O infinite Goodness, how long-suffering hast Thou Thyself to me! henceforth, I shall love Thee above all things. I am deeply sorry for having offended Thee. grant me the grace of holy perseverance, and do not permit that I should ever again fall into sin. Have compassion on the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory. I pray Thee, moderate their sufferings; shorten the time of their misery; call them soon unto Thee in Heaven, that they may behold Thee face to face, and forever love Thee. O Mary, Mother of God, come to their assistance with thy powerful intercession, and pray for us also who are still in danger of eternal damnation.

Our Father...

Hail Mary...

On Thy Spouses have compassion,
On these suffering children Thine;
Make these Holy Souls partakers
Of Thy happiness Divine.

(Recommend yourself to the Souls in Purgatory and mention your intentions here) 

Blessed Souls, I have prayed for thee; I entreat thee, who are so dear to God, and who are secure of never losing Him, to pray for me, miserable sinner, who is in danger of being damned, and of losing God forever. Amen.

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Conclusion prayer: Out of the Depths (De Profundis)

Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice! Let Your ears be attentive to my voice in supplication: If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand? But with You is forgiveness, that You may be revered. I trust in the Lord; my soul trusts in His word. My soul waits for the Lord, more than sentinels wait for the dawn. More than sentinels wait for the dawn, let Israel wait for the Lord; For with the Lord is kindness and with Him is plenteous redemption; And He will redeem Israel from all their iniquities.

Note: you may choose to pray the De Profundis prayer at the end of each day's prayer, as it carries a partial indulgence.   

Picture: Old Christian Cemetery of Gora Kabristan in Lahore, Pakistan, by Arthur Anab Shams.  

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)

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