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chantal in St. Michael Novena 2019

Post #2First released on September 22, 2019

Day 2: Who is like God

The meaning of our pilgrimage (extract from the Wisdom book of the Anselm pilgrim GRUN)

 The pilgrim confesses that he doesn’t know the answer to the deepest questioning about life. He crosses the world to find the answer to his questions. From time to time, the pilgrim archetype grabs us. So, like Abraham, we have to let everything known and familiar to follow our internal wish. Set out a pilgrimage means that we have to follow our deepest internal wish path. This wish, however, will lead us more far away than this world borders. It shows that in ourselves there is something which overtakes this world. I walking, we get in touch with our wish. This one is the track God printed in our heart. To feel it we have to follow the other pilgrims footprints who went in front of us.


Biblical Text: Ap 12, 7-10

There was in the sky: Michel, with his angels had to fight against the Dragoon. The Dragoon fought also against the angels but the was not the strongest; from then on, no space in the heaven.
Yes, he was rejected the big Dragoon, the Snake from the origins, the one called Devil or Satan, the entire world seducer, he was thrown on the earth and his angels with him.
So I heard in the Heaven a strong voice which proclaimed:” Now, here are the salvation, the power and the reign from our God, here his Christ power! Because he is rejected our brothers’ accuser, himself who accused them, day and night, in front of our God.



With archangel Saint Michael, I am aware of God greatness who though his son, Jesus-Christ bring us the salvation. In front of the temptation to idolize temporary events, saint Michael reminds us that only God remains. “Who is like God?” I let this question live in myself. With saint Michael intercession, I request to the Lord that He takes more space in my life to set up his peace reign. 


Prayer intention for us

Let’s learn to obey to God will, to be listening from Him. Let’s ask specially to saint Michel, the humblest of the angels to banish from our heart pride and vanity and to sing with the small Térésa: “I feel in myself to arise a holy daring, from all the Hell, I defy the rage  the Obedience is my strong Breast-plate, and my heart shield. God of Years, I don’t want any other glories than submit all my will as the Obedient will tell again his victories during all the ages.”


Say one "Our Father”, one Hail Mary, and one “Glory be to the Father”


Prayer Intention for our country 

At saint Michael mount, this island in the middle of the sea, saint Michael wanted that the pilgrims flock. Don’t forget that the Lord is in each smallest and most remote of his shrines.  We go past any church, let’s think that Jesus is there. If we can’t go into just do a little prayer inwardly: “Jesus, you are there! I adore You and I want to love You and I want You to be loved by us.” And let’s pray dearly as all our country churches which are closed, for a lack of faithful re-open soon due to several converts

Tell one “Lord Prayer”, one Hail Mary, and one “Glory be to the Father”



Saint Michael, defend us against all which seem hostile to us, against all which lead us to evil. Please come to men and women aid created by God according to His image and His likeness and he saved by Jesus Christ. Let’s magnify in each of us God and our brothers love…

Take a moment to treasure up all these things and ponder them in your heart (cf Luke 2,19)

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