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A novena to St. Valentine to meet the soulmate

A novena to St. Valentine to meet the soulmate

May St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, intercede so that you can find the spouse you're hoping for. Let us pray for one another and let ourselves be guided by the Lord!

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Day 9

LET US PRAY TO GOD IN AN UNENDING HYMN OF THANKSGIVINGThrough the intercession of Saint Valentine let us give thanks. Let us say thank you for the graces he has asked on our behalf during this novena, let us keep faith in his power to reward our peti...

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Day 8

Our Lady of Encounters, model of perseverance and sanctuary of the Holy SpiritMary, sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, remind me that my own body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and open, I pray, my heart to the force of his Power. Give me the courage t...

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Day 7

Our lady of the Assumption, Mother of our hearts, Queen of heaven and earthYou, the Way to the Heart of Jesus, please be present in all my relationships and remain at the center of my most intimate aspirations. Hold my hand in your hand, and lead me ...

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Day 6

Our lady of the Presentation, Mother of obedience and purityGrant me, I pray, to remain your faithful and loving servant child.Do not allow my heart to fail through impatience and weakness. Keep me in your care so my relationships never veer away fro...

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Day 5

Our Lady of the Visitation, Mother of brotherly loveI entrust all my encounters to your care. May they be joyful and fulfilling, enriched of the discovery of the talents of all the people you place around me. May I rejoice in each shared moment, free...

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Day 4

OUR LADY OF ENCOUNTERS MOTHER OF SURRENDER AND TRUSTAs times passes my life is still solitary, filled with disappointments, failures and wounds.Mary, Mother of trust, save me from despair.May all that hurts me and makes me sad lead me in your arms an...

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Day 3

OUR LADY OF CANA, MOTHER OF JESUS, YOU SO ATTENTIVE TO THE NEEDS OF US ALLMy life is easy and cozy, yet devoid of essential purpose: to love and to give, to love and to welcome, to love and to grow. You, My Mother, attentive to the least stirring in ...

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Day 2

OUR LADY OF ENCOUNTERS O, YOU MY MOTHER, AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS I offer you my celibacy. You know what a heavy cross this is to me you know the weigh I feel in this, my desert of love. You know my tears and my fatigue.My grief is not so much caused...

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Day 1

Let us pray for the one God has in store for us:Let's ask Saint Valentine to intercede so that the Father will bless the one we hope to meet.May the grace of the Lord abound in his or her heart and may the Holy Spirit enlighten him/her and guide his/...

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