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The Journey to Holiness: Pray, Live Love!

The Journey to Holiness: Pray, Live Love!

21 days of prayer, advice, and saints' insights to put Christ at the center of your life

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Day 21 : Last Advice Before Saying Goodbye

              Dear Friend (and partner in prayer),               Our common journey ends today. We hope that the last 21 days have given you a taste for prayer and helped you live better, love better, and grow closer to God. We set up this project wi...

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Day 20 : Perpetual Prayer

           We would like to introduce you to a novel form of prayer. People are usually familiar with prayer of contemplation: a precise time, place, and “plan” are defined for prayer. Yet saint Paul exhorts us to “pray without ceasing”. This might s...

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Day 19 : Making Commitments

It takes more to become a saint than to stay at the chapel.                            Excerpt from Claire de Castelbajac’s diary:                 « At last time off, time to let steam off, let’s put textbooks on fire, and the teacher in the center! ...

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Day 18 : Spiritual Pride

                           On the way to holiness, no sooner do have we made some progress than a dreadful danger starts looming over us… Claire de Castelbajac realized this during her pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1974: “What an ugly soul I have, a...

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Day 17: Confession

              “A saint is not someone who never falls. It’s one who picks oneself up after each fall.”                 Merely mentioning the word “sin” already freaks us out! Yenofa argues: “Merely mentioning the word “sin” already freaks us out! One...

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Day 16 : Defeating Temptation

               Here is a couple of hints offered by Reverend Rick Warren in “The Purpose Driven Life” to overcome temptation:Fix your gaze on something else. Ignoring a temptation is far more effective than fighting it frontally. When seeking to comb...

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Day 15: A Program for Holiness (part 2)

(Pope Francis’ Homily introduced yesterday, continued)             Pope Francis goes on to stress that Jesus also addresses the question of “How to become a good Christian?” in Matthew 25: “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gav...

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Day 14 : A Program for Holiness (part 1)

                 According to John-Paul II, Pier Giorgio Frassati shows us that the way to holiness is about becoming “a man or woman of the Beatitudes”.                 “Through his example, he declares proudly and loudly that a life lived in the Sp...

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Day 13: One of the Secrets of Holiness

                 One of the secrets of holiness is very plain: it’s perseverance. We are humans, we are imperfect, and we are bound to fall. The sin we are confessing this time once again, we might have to confess it anew later. Holiness does not mea...

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Day 12 : Keeping our Eyes Fixed on Christ's Moving Love

            Growing into a saint, aspiring to follow Christ – that’s so demanding. So exhausting. So “other-worldly”. Why going down that way? To start this fourth part of our retreat, let’s take a step back and ask ourselves why and how we should, a...

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Day 11: Restoring a Severed Relationship

                     Family, relatives, friends… life is made of relationships that can go severed at times. You might have been wounded or might have wounded someone. How to rebuild the relationship? How to move beyond bitterness, anger, or disappoi...

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Day 10: Heroes of Purity

            « My friends, you all have a vocation to martyrdom. It is not bound to be the bloody martyrdom of first Christians. It is going to be the martyrdom of faithfulness against the tide.” Saint John-Paul II                Purity – it might sou...

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Day 9: Friendship with a Capital F

                  There is nothing like friends to help us grow into who we truly are. JF recounts: “I once got acquainted with a girl after Holy Mass; she had come by car, so she gave me a ride home. As we were driving out of the parking lot, I aske...

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Day 8: The Family

          Our family stands for roughly 20 years of life in common. 20 years when we learned to navigate relationships. 20 years that made us who you are. Relationships with our family are at times complex. It can be as much a place of great joys as ...

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Day 7: The Gaze

              The way we gaze at someone, the interior gaze we turn on one does not only determine whether we love this person and the relationship we entertain with her – it also acts on her and determines what that individual is and does. For insta...

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Day 6: Led by the Basics (Part 2)

   What does really matter? What had better be at the center? Did Jesus leave us any clues on what THE priority of our lives should be?                 Yes – and He made it crystal clear. To the Pharisees who asked Him for the greatest of all command...

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Day 5 : Led by the Basics (part 1)

               Our timetables are full of countless tasks with varying degrees of urgency and importance. We keep moving on from one activity to the next, and our eyes are fixed on the immediate present. However, unless we take a step back, we will f...

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Day 4: Living in Joy (with Claire de Castelbajac)

              Claire was born in 1953. She was neither a missionary, nor a modern hero, nor the founder of a religious order: simply an ordinary girl who loved laughing, loved praying, loved loving*. As a little child, she already bore God in her hea...

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Day 3: Living instead of Merely Existing (with Pier Giorgio Frassati)

             Pier Giorgio went through all the struggles that we, young people, are faced with: critical life choices, studies, year-end exams, his parents’ strained relationship, social and political engagement, and love pangs. And yet, as John Paul...

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Day 2: The Way of Grandeur and the Way of Mediocrity

          What is your ideal?           What life do you want to opt for? Saint John Paul II used to say that, as a young priest, he had come to notice “the fundamental importance of youth” as a key stage in everyone’s life, a time when a few “Yes’” ...

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Day 1: How to Pray ?

To begin these 21 days of prayer, we would recommend that, every day after praying, you write down some notes on points you would like to keep reflecting on later.Today, we invite you to familiarize yourself with an approach to prayer as straightforw...

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