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Prayers and Worship Groups

What does it mean to worship God? How can you worship the Lord? One definition of worship could be admiring the power of God with wonder and proclaiming our love for Him with joy. In addition, Christian worship is often associated with prayers of thanksgiving, which are usually recited to express gratitude for the Lord’s good works. 

We were created to worship God; it is our purpose and the source of our joy. The communities of Hozana can help you make worship an integral part of your daily life simply and regularly. The more you practice worship, the more you will be able to observe its power in your life! 

Worshipping with Psalms of Praise

Of the 150 Psalms contained, many are dedicated to praising and worshipping the Lord. These poems and songs of the Book of Psalms serve many emotions that affect the human heart, including the very important feelings of joy and merriment! Psalms can help us find the words to praise the Lord in His greatness, kindness, wisdom, faithfulness and mercy. 

Worship with Music

Worship naturally leads to music: praising God brings us a profound joy which can be felt throughout our entire body, making us want to dance and sing! It is a living, intense form of prayer. Many communities on Hozana can help you discover the musical aspect of worship, whether through the works of worship groups and Christian artists or by listening to Psalms recited in song form. In addition, you can choose to dedicate a moment for worship each week or each morning: to each their own! 

Worship and Thanksgiving

Prayers of thanksgiving are a bit different from prayers of worship in that they are recited to express gratitude for something, such as a special work of God that impacted our personal lives. But both forms of prayer are connected, prayers of thanksgiving are logical to follow up to worship, and they serve to make it strong as they reinforce the feeling of gratitude we feel towards Our Father, the source of all good things. You can choose to dedicate a moment of your day to thank the Lord after an important event or as a habit while reviewing your month.