Praying for and with the Popes

To Catholics, the Pope is the Bishop of Rome, and therefore, he is the successor of Peter the Apostle. The Pope is the head of the College of Bishops, making him the supreme authority of the Catholic Church. He is the pastor of the Universal Church on earth, and he is given three main duties: to teach the authentic faith, guarantee the conditions of worshipping the Lord and serve the unity of the Church. Pope Francis has been occupying this function since 2013, taking the place of Pope Benedict XVI, who himself succeeded Pope John Paul II. Pope Francis needs our prayers just as much as we need his, so we may all learn to serve Christ better and face our times’ many challenges and crises (health crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, etc.). 

Praying for Humanity's Challenges with Pope Francis

There are nearly 35 million participants around the globe in the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. Every month, Pope Francis offers a prayer intention to the entire Church. These intentions are always related to the big challenges that humanity is facing: ecology, social and humanitarian issues, etc. They are intended to raise the question of the Church's mission to meet these challenges.

Join this great movement and enter into communion with millions of Christians worldwide!

Discover and Walk Alongside Our Pope

Jesus said to Peter: "Take care of my sheep." (John 21:16). As the descendant of Peter, Pope Francis is our shepherd. We are invited to grow with him and to learn from him. His writings, homilies, and catechesis enlighten us as we journey as Christians. We can also find inspiration by learning more about the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the time he spent in the Society of Jesus. 

Discover the prayer communities to help you learn more about the life and teachings of Pope Francis!

Praying and Meditating with Our Popes: Francis, Benedict XVI, and John Paul II

Many of us already know about the most recent three Popes: St. John Paul II, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis. Each has brought - and continues to get - light on the world we live in, on our mission as children of God, and on the Church of Christ we are invited to build. 

Discover the heritage these great Popes left behind for us to enjoy: their lives, teachings, and the great moments of their pontificates. Pray for and with them!